February is Chocolate Gelato Month!

The Gelato case is loaded up with flavors ONLY available in February!
Stop by the Zingerman’s Creamery or Zingerman’s Next Door for a taste!

Chocolate Balsamic Strawberry
We take fresh Michigan strawberries and macerate them in an in-house made balsamic vinegar reduction. Even more decadent than a chocolate covered strawberry, the vinegar enhances the natural sweetness of the strawberry and complements the richness of the dark chocolate base perfectly.

Dark Chocolate
Always a good choice, we make ours with Sharffen Berger cocoa for a rich, extraordinarily dark chocolate. Voted Best Gelato in Michigan by Detroit’s Metro Times!

Another Italian classic using chocolate-hazelnut mix from Turin.

Freshly-roasted pecans and luscious dulce de leche are blended into dark chocolate. Made only in February.

Rocky Ride
We start with a base of our rich dark Scharffen Berger chocolate gelato and spike it with in-house butter-roasted peanuts and incredibly fluffy marshmallows made right next-door at Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory!

Chocolate Heat
Inspired by the great hand-made chocolates of Mexico, we take our dark chocolate and blend cinnamon, ancho chile and just enough cayenne to make it dangerous. All of this adds up to a super-dense, super-delicious spicy wintertime treat.

Chocolate Chip Sorbet
We use the most flavorful Michigan cherries we can find to make this sweet/tart sorbet, which we then blend with some made-in-house chocolate chips for a decidedly rich sorbet experience.

Stop by the Creamery or Next Door to taste some of these incredibly rich frozen delights!

choc gelato