Zingerman’s Coffee Company throws down!

Congratulations to the Zingerman’s Coffee Company’s Allen Leibowitz and Nathan Mikkelson for taking first and second place respectively in this year’s Motown Throwdown!  Zingerman’s barista Chris Glasow also participated with a tasty concoction, and the Coffee Company is now serving all three drinks!

Motown Throwdown winners 2013

The Winners, left to right: First Place– Allen Leibowitz. Zingerman’s Coffee Company, Second Place– Nathan Mikkelson, Zingerman’s Coffee Company, Third Place– Stephen Curtis, Rowster Coffee.

Each year, baristas from all over the Metro Area are invited to the Throwdown to compete for Best Signature Drink. In addition to the competition, the Throwdown also features a free Cupping Event where attendees can sample new brews, and learn more about how to professionally analyze coffee. In addition, there is a “Meet the Roasters” area which offers samples and a chance to talk java with local importers and roasters about their craft. And all of this is accompanied by the sounds of local DJs spinning their favorite music.

Allen’s First Place winner is called the ‘Tokyo Egg Cream’ and according to Allen it’s “an espresso-centric homage to the Brooklyn Egg Cream sold at the Zingerman’s Delicatessen.”

Allen Motown Throwdown 2013

Allen pours the Tokyo Egg Cream.

To create a Tokyo Egg Cream, espresso is shaken with muddled maple syrup and Japanese yuzu vinegar.  This mixture is then strained into a glass and topped with a splash of highly carbonated water, which causes it to foam. The result is crisp, cold and very well balanced between bittersweet espresso and hints of subtle bright citrus.

Nate Mikkelson took Second Place with the Indian Rose, a delicious taste of the Subcontinent.  The drink combines Cardamom-infused rosewater, an espresso shot of our Indian Natural blend, and a nice bit of foam on top.

Chris Glasow weighs in with the Sunnyside Up. This one starts with a shot of Espresso Blend #1 poured hot over real butter and rosemary simple syrup. Then it’s iced, and topped with bit of foam & lemon.

Stop by the Zingerman’s Coffee Company and try all three!

Congratulations to all winners! See you at next year’s Motown Throwdown!