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Zingerman’s 2032 Vision

It’s our 50th year! That’s right. The Big 5-O! And the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses (ZCoB) is healthier, happier, and more financially sound than ever. We have continued to break creative ground in the worlds of progressive business, service, food, work experiences, love and care. In an era where electronic interaction is now the norm, our personalized, passion-driven, person-to-person connections set us further apart from the mainstream.

As we have for nearly 40 years now, since the 2009 vision was written in 1994, we operate as one coherent community, honoring the 15 to 20 Zingerman’s businesses that are a part of the organization. All are located here in the Ann Arbor area. Some of the businesses are “big,” others are small. All strive for excellence in their respective areas of expertise. Each business in the ZCoB has a managing partner or partners who own real shares in the business, have a deep passion for what that business does, and are charged with leading its work.

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Change Must Happen

A note from Zingerman’s Co-founder Paul Saginaw: When Donald Trump stated, “We are at war with a pandemic,” he actually spoke truthfully and was only wrong about one part. The war is not against a rogue virus, but it is a war against racism and white supremacy that have replaced the lynching of black men […]

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Smile! Zingerman’s Coloring Pages

Bring on the zing. Occupy the kiddos in style or take a moment to destress yourself. In fact, let’s all sit down and color together. Because together, we are amaZING. Below you can download and print eight different Zingerman’s Community of Businesses coloring pages. Have fun! We’d love to see your work, if you care […]

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Statement of Service for the Covid Crisis

  The kitchen table is now the urgent center of many of our lives. We’ve always gathered around the table together to eat, to sustain, to grow, to share our lives with each other. Now the act of eating together has suddenly become one of the few communal pleasures we are able to enjoy. Zingerman’s […]

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A message from Ari to our Community in the midst of Covid-19

  Friends, colleagues, customers, community, I’ve been holding off a bit on writing something over the last week. In the flood of messages about the Coronavirus (Covid-19), I keep waiting to be able to offer some new insight, a more holistic approach, or better still—a solution. I alternate between wishing it wasn’t happening (denial) and […]

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Dining Out With Kids

Dining out with kids at Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor is a special experience for kids and parents alike, because of the tasty menu and more. Variety With more than a dozen items on the kids’ menu, and half a dozen side options, young diners can build a meal that’s just for them at Zingerman’s […]

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