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Zingerman’s 2032 Vision

It’s our 50th year! That’s right. The Big 5-O! And the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses (ZCoB) is healthier, happier, and more financially sound than ever. We have continued to break creative ground in the worlds of progressive business, service, food, work experiences, love and care. In an era where electronic interaction is now the norm, our personalized, passion-driven, person-to-person connections set us further apart from the mainstream.

As we have for nearly 40 years now, since the 2009 vision was written in 1994, we operate as one coherent community, honoring the 15 to 20 Zingerman’s businesses that are a part of the organization. All are located here in the Ann Arbor area. Some of the businesses are “big,” others are small. All strive for excellence in their respective areas of expertise. Each business in the ZCoB has a managing partner or partners who own real shares in the business, have a deep passion for what that business does, and are charged with leading its work.

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Writing A Vision Of Success

3 tips for writing a vision of success from Kat Gordon, Professional Pie Taster & Owner at Muddy’s Bake Shop in Memphis, TN, and a ZingTrain client. “This isn’t a vision, it’s an illustrated to-do list… let’s try a second draft.” No one can say this as kindly and with as much encouragement as Maggie […]

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Surprising Fact of the Day: Zingerman’s Business Practices Have Gone to the Cats and Dogs!

It’s not what it sounds like. We aren’t now in the business of sharing Zingerman’s approach to business with cats and dogs. At least not yet… can you imagine trying to teach a bunch of dogs Zingerman’s 3 Steps to Giving Great Service? It would be ruff. (Sorry!) But, we have had the pleasure of […]

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