New Sandwiches at the Zingerman’s Deli!

We’ve updated the Deli menu!

Returning old favorites, and some brand-new items. Check ’em out!

Banh Mo

  • #202 The Banh Mo: We liked this sandwich of the month so much, we’ve added it to the menu. Vietnamese chicken sausage from Detroit’s Corridor Sausage Co., The Brinery’s pickled carrots, fresh cilantro and mayo. Grilled on a soft bun.


  • #212 Davey’s Deep Purple: Cajun Tasso ham with The Brinery’s Storm Cloud Zapper (Michigan green cabbage, Michigan red beets, fresh ginger root, sea salt), Switzerland Swiss cheese & mayo grilled on a paesano roll.


  • #96 Reina’s on a Roll: Back on the menu! Housemade meatballs made with beef and pork, pomodoro sauce, melted provolone on a Bakehouse hoagie.


  • #230 Sy’s Legend 3.0: Zingerman’s famous pastrami on a housemade fried knish with hot mustard.

ericasteawich (1)

  • #219  Erica’s Tea-wich: Slightly spicy pimento cheese, slices of cucumber and tomato quartered on country wheat bread.


  • #222 Marshall’s Ten Out of Tin: Housemade tuna salad, now made with Ortiz line-caught tuna, Switzerland Swiss cheese, New Mexico green chiles & tomato on grilled pumpernickel.


  • Kreplach Soup: Our housemade chicken broth with housemade brisket filled dumplings.
  • The Sandwich Salad: Enjoy any sandwich without the bread! Served instead on a bed of leaf lettuce!

All this and more at the Zingerman’s Deli!