Zingerman’s Art for Sale!

Warning: this news may increase your need for a nosh! Zingerman’s aesthetic is instantly recognizable and well-known here in Ann Arbor and across the country, due to our unique use of hand-painted images gracing the windows of our flagship Deli, the walls of Zingerman’s Roadhouse, the pages of our catalog, and beyond. It’s all thanks […]

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A Wonderful New Way to Stock up On Zingerman’s T-Shirts

Great Zingerman’s gift for a T-shirt lover you love! Given that he was born and raised in Japan and I grew up in the American Midwest, author Haruki Murakami and I seem to have a surprising number of things in common. As I wrote about last summer, we each run every day, write a lot, and […]

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Zingerman’s Delicatessen Roast Turkey is Better Than Ever!

Zingerman’s Delicatessen is thrilled to announce its partnership with Ferndale Market to offer better than ever turkey!

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Where’d You Get the Name?

Everyone asks us this question. The short answer is, we made it up. The long answer goes like this: When we first started talking about opening the business back in fall of ’81 we wanted a name that would convey the sense of a good local deli something that would sound “Jewish,” and offer anyone who heard […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Grocery Shopping at Zingerman’s Deli

I’ve long thought that I have the best food job in the world. I work with amazing people, in a diverse college town in Michigan, and I get to bike to work more often than not. Another reasons I feel this way is the quality of ingredients that I get to taste and work with […]

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Gefilte Fish Gets a Bad Rap, but It Has a Rich History

Twice a year homemade gefilte fish appears in the Deli case. I’m always happy to see it because it brings back big memories for me! I know I’m not alone—food critic Mimi Sheraton says it’s “part of the holy trinity of Jewish holiday eating: chicken soup, chopped liver, gefilte fish.” Having grown up regularly eating […]

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