This Week at Zingerman’s 7/23/13

WEEK OF 7/23/13

Our delicious Israeli Sesame Halvah is now available at Zingerman’s Creamery and Zingerman’s Coffee Company! This delicious confection is house-made by the Candy Manufactory using hand-ground toasted sesame seeds, muscovado brown sugar, and local honey. It’s great paired with some of the Creamery’s fresh City Goat cheese! Stop by for a taste today!

halvah at creamery

Summer Pies are back for a limited time at the Zingermans’s Bakehouse! Delicious Peach and seasonal favorite Rhubarb made fresh! Don’t miss our scrumptious fresh fruit tarts either! Call us and reserve yours today! 734-761-2095.

Don’t delay! Cupcakes are 20% off through the end of July at Zingerman’s Bakehouse and Zingerman’s Deli! These mini-cakes are a perfect summer-sized snack, and they come in seven great flavors:

  • Peanut butter cup: chocolate cake stuffed with chocolate ganache covered with peanut butter cream
  • Caribbean Cruise: coconut cake stuffed with fresh lime curd, covered in rum butter cream
  • Neato-politan: chocolate cake, stuffed with vanilla bean pastry cream, covered in fresh strawberry butter cream.
  • Hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Buttermilk cake with lemon butter cream
  • Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream
  • Buttermilk cake with honey butter cream


Zingerman’s Peanut Brittle from the Candy Manufactory is on special through the end of July!
From Mail Order partner Mo Frechette:

Candyman Charlie Frank isn’t reinventing the wheel, just making it more delicious. The latest creation from his candy kitchen is a flavor-charged upgrade of classic peanut brittle.
Jumbo Runner peanuts jut like boulders from a shiny, golden candy sea. The texture looks silky but shatters in crisp shards with each bite. To achieve this consistency Charlie makes small batches by hand with a watchful eye. This is stovetop brittle, not factory gristle, with butterscotch-brown flavor, sharp, crackly texture and a finishing savor of roasted peanuts.

Ships flat rate!

Penut Brittle

The giant Summer Sale is happening now at Zingerman’s Deli! Stop by and get amazing deals on olive oils, tinned fish, vinegar, sauces, preserves and more! Ends July 31st.

Each Thursday, the Zingerman’s Roadhouse parking lot is filled with fresh produce, meat, baked goods and more! It’s the Westside Farmers’ Market and it happens every week, 3p-7p. San Street is there with their delicious Korean street food, and the WSFM accepts Food Assistance programs like SNAP, EBT, Bridge Card, and Food Stamps. We’re also dog friendly, so stop on by!


Zingerman’s Mail Order is featuring delicious Bonito Tinned Tuna this week at a great discount & flat rate shipping!
Mo says:

This is one of the most popular foods we sell.
Here in the U.S., tinned tuna is a low-end commodity usually sold in supermarkets. In Spain it’s at the complete opposite of the culinary spectrum. Writing in the New Yorker, Lauren Collins said Spain is “perhaps the only country in the world where it is desirable to serve food that comes in a can.” She meant it as a compliment—it’s delicious.

Tuna in tins, especially these from the fourth-generation family firm Ortiz, is one of the jewels in Spain’s culinary crown. Ortiz’s fish are all line caught—not netted—hand cleaned and tinned in good olive oil. The olive oil is key. It adds flavor and makes the texture silky over time, unlike water, which tends to leach flavors from the fish.

Bonito—or albacore, as it’s commonly known in America—is the most mellow and highly prized species. It gets my vote for top everyday eating tuna. It’s nearly the ultimate in convenience food. A quick turn of the lid, and you can serve it with salads, beans, appetizer platters or on its own, dressed with some top-notch olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Check out their huge Summer Sale catalog too! Ends July 31st.


Fridays and Saturdays at the Zingerman’s Bakehouse also mean Special Bakes, limited-edition loaves available for just a weekend. This weekend it’s delicious Loomis Bread! Named for Zingerman’s Creamery partner John Loomis, Thus tangy farm bread is studded with chunks of Zingerman’s Creamery Cheshire cheese and roasted red peppers from Cornman Farms. Awesome!
Don’t miss it! Special Bakes are also available at Zingerman’s Deli!

See you soon!