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New Exhibit Highlights Jewish Culinary History in America

American Foodways: The Jewish Contribution, 1660-2013

American Foodways: The Jewish Contribution, 1660-2013
Reception: September 24, 2013 – 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Exhibit duration: September 4th – December 8th
Gallery, Hatcher Graduate Library, 2013

A compelling new exhibition is coming to the University of Michigan’s Hatcher Graduate Library this fall. Jan Longone, Adjunct curator of the University of Michigan Special Collections library has created a new exhibit that explores the contributions of Jewish Americans to our culinary history. The exhibit will be on display from September 4th through December 8th.

The exhibit will showcase the role that Jews played in the formation of our culinary lineage from 1660 to 2013. The exhibit includes Jewish-American charity cookbooks representing all fifty states from the Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive at the University of Michigan Hatcher Graduate Library. Other artifacts include the first Jewish cookbook published in America (1871). Early works will be on display in the Audubon Room, with examples of 20th and 21st century items in the North Lobby cases of the Hatcher Library.

On September 24, 4-530pm, Jan Longone will host a special reception for the exhibit and discuss various aspects of the collection. From the library: “Among the topics discussed will be Butchers, Bakers and Market Men; Charitable Cooks and their Cookbooks (1888-2013); the Role of the Media; Restaurants, Delicatessens and Menus; Commercial Advertising Ephemera; A Chronology of Jewish-American Cookbook Publishing; Jewish-American Food Festivals; and more.”

For more information about the exhibit, please go to the library’s information page.

Tablet magazine recently published a nice profile of Jan Longone’s invaluable contribution to American culinary history. Read the article here.

Jan Longone Tablet pic

Janice Bluestein Longone (photo by Steve Friess)

Food at the reception will be provided by Zingerman’s. Please join us for this historic event!