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This Week at Zingerman’s 10/15/13

WEEK OF 10/15/13

Salumi POP-IN at Zingerman’s Deli
Deli retail staff, with the help of guest chef Brad Greenhill, present Pork Fest 2013. We’re throwing a special POP-IN Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 5pm, to showcase our incredible variety of salumi products. Brad will help us to translate these delicious products into more advanced dishes. Get your pork on!
Fun Factoid: The word salumi is the umbrella term for Italian-style cured or preserved meats. Salumi is usually pork, but can be any meat that is cured, preserved, or fermented. In turn, the word salami refers to a specific type of cured and fermented meat that is hung to dry. So in fact salami is a type of salumi. A similar term is charcuterie, which is basically the French version of salumi.
No reservation required. 

Salumi event

Mmm, Salumi!

Pumpkins at the Zingerman’s Bakehouse
It’s a Pumpkin Party!
Start the day with moist and scrumptious pumpkin muffins, a favorite of Bakehouse staff. A sure sign fall is here is our pumpkin pie, made with local Guernsey Dairy heavy cream, Michigan honey, and a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon in an all-butter crust. Grab a precious little pumpkin cupcake with rich cream cheese frosting. Finish out a fine fall day with a slice of pumpkin cheesecake made with Zingerman’s Creamery fresh cream cheese (made right next door to us) spiced up and poured over a ginger jump up cookie crust.

Pumpkin Party

Holiday Cakes at Zingerman’s Mail Order!
Guaranteed to sell out.

Sez Mo from Mail Order:
“These amazing, limited edition cakes have just arrived in stock — but they’ll go fast!
Reserve yours today!

Special Bakes at Zingerman’s Bakehouse
Fridays and Saturdays at the Zingerman’s Bakehouse also mean Special Bakes, limited-edition loaves available for just a weekend. This weekend it’s delicious Somodi Kálacs (Sho-mo-dee Ko-loch), Cinnamon Swirl Bread! This traditional Hungarian Easter bread was a smash hit when we first introduced it at the Bakehouse this past Spring. It’s a soft golden loaf, made with fresh eggs and a sweet buttery cinnamon brown sugar swirl. The smell is amazing and the taste is even better!
Special Bakes are also available at Zingerman’s Deli!

Somodi Kálacs

Somodi Kálacs Cinnamon Swirl bread.

Mozzarella Deal at Zingerman’s Creamery
Next Monday is Mozzarella Monday at the Zingerman’s Creamery! $2 off the per pound price for Fresh, Smoked, or Burrata! Two bucks off!

Fresh Mozzarella

Fresh Mozz!

See you soon!