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BAKE! is our hands-on teaching bakery in Ann Arbor, located between Zingerman’s Bakehouse and Zingerman’s Creamery at our south side campus. At BAKE! we share our knowledge and love of baking with the home baker community, seeking to preserve baking traditions and inspire new ones. We offer dozens of different bread, pastry and cake classes in our very own teaching kitchens. You’ll leave BAKE! with the food you made in class and the inspiration and skills to bake at home!

Learn the basics at BAKE!
Bake me a Cake
Baking Pies a Plenty
Fabulous French Baguettes
Naturally Leavened breads
Ooh La La Croissants

NEW BAKE! classes
Advanced Cake Decorating
Boston Cream Pie
More Gluten Free
Savory Baking

New cooking classes at BAKE!
American Candy with Charlie Frank
Hungarian Supper with Rodger Bowser
Dinner Series: American, French or Italian

Make it a BAKE!-cation
Like fantasy camp for home bakers!
Pastry 2.0 Weekend, May 17th & 18th
Bread Week, June 3rd-6th
Pastry Week, July 8th-11th
Savory Week, July 22nd-25th

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