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This Week at Zingerman’s 4/1/14

farm-to-tableFarm Food tasting at Zingerman’s Creamery

Have you ever had food so fresh it tastes too good to be true? Two local companies will take you from the farm to the kitchen with their scrumptious locally made products. Will from Corridor Sausage in Detroit, and David from The Brinery in Ann Arbor will join us Thursday, April 3, at 6pm at Zingerman’s Creamery for a night like no other. From the farm to the table, Will and David will take you on a tasteful trip that only your taste buds will survive.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Fresh-vs-Dried-Pasta-FinalThe Secrets of Great Pasta at Zingerman’s Deli

A rare chance to learn from one of the world’s leading experts on pasta. Rolando Beramendi of Manicaretti Foods has been cooking, studying, teaching and eating the art of good pasta cooking for over twenty years. On Thursday, April 3, 630pm, join Ari and Rolando at Zingerman’s Events on 4th to learn what makes great dried pasta so delicious, how to cook it most effectively, and how to sauce it so that you can serve up a superb meal with a minimal amount of cooking. Guaranteed to help you buy, cook and serve better tasting pasta! Seats are limited so sign up soon!


Breakfast, Books, and Business with Ari at Zingerman’s Roadhouse


Ari will discuss and sign copies of his latest book, Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 3, A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Managing Ourselves on Friday, April 4th from 730-9am. The new book includes Secrets #30-39 and will explore our belief that some of the most important work we do to build great organizations and lead rewarding lives is the work we need to do inside. The book includes essays on our approach to managing ourselves, mindfulness, leadership at the four levels of organizational growth, personal visioning, why the way the leader thinks will be manifested in the way the organization runs, creating a creative organization and more. You’ll also hear from Zingerman’s staff, we’ll be inviting employees from around the organization to engage Ari in a dialogue about Zingerman’s, building the business, being part of this organization and how you can apply Zingerman’s approaches to help strengthen your organization.
Breakfast served at 7:30 am.

Get a copy of Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 3: A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Managing Ourselves for an additional $25.


Brewing Methods at Zingerman’s Coffee Company


Stop by the Coffee Company this coming Sunday, April 6, 1pm, and learn the keys to successful coffee brewing using a wide variety of brewing methods from filter drip to syphon pot. We will take a single coffee and brew it 6 to 8 different ways, each producing a unique taste. We’ll learn the proper proportions and technique for each and discuss the merits and differences of each style.


Passover Menu at Zingerman’s Deli


Zingerman’s Passover menu is now available. Reserve now and let us prepare your holiday meal! We offer a complete Seder meal for four, lots of traditional holiday foods, and of course, a lovely selection of Passover sweets.
Erev Passover is Monday, April, 14. 

Not able to get to the Deli in time for the holiday? Zingerman’s Mail Order has a very nice selection of Passover treats that come right to your door!

Spring Oil Change at Zingerman’s Deli


Our annual olive oil sale gives you a chance to stock up on your favorite olive oils and get great deals on some that you may not have discovered yet. All of the 2011 harvest oils from Italy, Spain, France and California are on sale: buy 1 bottle at 10% off, 2 bottles at 20% off and 3 bottles at 30% off. Look for the 1-2-3 sticker and stock up!

Next week:

speaker-series-speech-bubbleSpeaker Series continues at ZingTrain

Please join us this Wednesday, April 9, 730am-930am for another thought-provoking session of the ZingTrain Speaker Series.

This week’s session will feature Eleni Kalakos, Chief Transformational Officer of The Eleni Group, whose subject will be: Think Like an Actor, Speak Like a Pro.

Let’s face it. You can’t take your eyes off a baby. That’s because they’re completely and comfortably present in their tiny little bodies, inhabiting the moment like it’s nobody’s business. They’ve got what Eleni Kelakos calls Transformational Presence – a quality that the greatest actors, leaders and speakers exude.

You were born with Transformational Presence. With that ability to truly transform and affect others by being genuinely and passionately present. It’s just grown dim over time, and like the embers of a fire it’s waiting for you to stoke it into full flame.

Ratchet up your Transformational Presence and bring it to your everyday life. Whether you’re a leader who is trying to inspire and engage, or a sales person who is trying to convince, or a presenter who is addressing one person or one thousand – this Speaker Series session is for you.


Sauced – A Dinner with Chef Brad Greenhill at Zingerman’s Deli

photo by: DOUG COOMBE for Concentrate Media

*There will be two seatings for this event: 530p-730p & 8p-10p
After 14 years of cooking professionally, Brad Greenhill is working on plans to open his first restaurant in Detroit. In the meantime, he has been cooking for special events in the Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor area. He’s even found time to help the Brinery craft new fermentation products.

Brad Greenhill will raid the Zingerman’s pantry and create a dinner featuring a range of our pastas, hard cheeses, sauces, spices and charcuterie. This will be a 4-5 course dinner, including dessert, and will offer both carnivorous and vegetarian options. Don’t hesitate, this one is bound to fill up fast.