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A Taste of Extremadura

Deli features foods from bountiful Spanish region


This is a big week for fans of España! Zingerman’s Deli will be featuring foods from Extremadura, an autonomous region bordering Portugal known for yielding an extraordinarily generous harvest. The region is full of plantations of tomatoes, peppers, green beans, cucumbers, rice, carrots, asparagus, and olives, rivaling Andalusia as a producer of the latter.

Extremadura also has a long tradition of excellent meat and dairy products. The animals are well-cared for, and the resulting products are of an outstanding quality. The region gave us such delicacies as Ibérico hams, chorizos (pork sausage), and morcilla (black sausage), and its herds of goats and sheep provide the milk for cheeses such as Torta del Casar, Torta de  la Serena, Ibores, and, of course, Finca Pascualete. 

This week, we’ll feature samplings throughout the day of the finest foods that Extremadura has to offer, so be sure to stop by for a taste of Spain! We’re also hosting two very special events with some of the people who make it possible to enjoy the foods of Extremadura here in the U.S.

Cheese and Wine of the Extremadura

This coming Wednesday, at 630pm, it’s Cheese and Wine of the Extremadura at Zingerman’s Events on 4th, with very special guests Juan Figueroa and John Cancilla. Enjoy a relaxing evening of food, wine, and family intrigue with the cheesemaker of the world-famous torta from Trujillo, Spain called Finca Pascualete. Welcome Juan to Ann Arbor and listen to him share his family’s amazing story. It begins with a fashion model from New York (who happens to work for the CIA), arriving in World War II Spain and catching the eye of a dashing young Spanish Count…

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Cooking with Sherry Vinegar

The following night, Thursday, at 630 pm, join us at Zingerman’s Next Door Upstairs as long-time Spanish food importer Kitty Keller shares her expertise in Cooking with Sherry Vinegar. Sherry will lead us in tasting many different sherry vinegars, and discuss their uses in the kitchen. Find out what makes one dry, PX, sweet, or just down right delicious. Don’t miss it!

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Stop by Zingerman’s Deli this week and take a little bit of Extremadura home with you!

See you soon!