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This Week at Zingerman’s 9/23/14

Rosh Hashanah Specials at zingerman’s bakehouse

Erev Rosh Hashanah is tomorrow, September 24.
Happy Challah Days

Challah Turbans
Our fresh egg and clover honey challah bread in the traditional round shape, with or without rum-soaked raisins. Available thru October 4th.

More Rockin’ Challah
Traditional Moroccan challah, egg bread with clover honey in a traditional 5 strand braid topped with poppy, sesame, and anise seeds. Available thru October 4th.

A dense spice cake made with buckwheat honey, brewed tea, almonds and golden raisins. 6″ cake. Available thru October 4th.

Applesauce Cake
A moist cake made with applesauce and butter, full of chunks of fresh Michigan apples, toasted walnuts and red flame raisins. 9” cake. Available September 24th thru September 28th.

The name flodni (fluden in Yiddish) refers to a layered and filled pastry. This version with poppyseed, walnut and apple filling layers is a Hungarian specialty as well as a traditional Jewish holiday pastry. Available everyday.

Apple Rétes
Rétes (ray-tesh) is a Hungarian specialty, you might know it as strudel. We take our own fresh dough and carefully hand stretch it over an 8-foot table until it’s thin enough to see through. Then it’s folded and layered with melted butter and a sprinkle of cake crumbs, wrapped around fresh Michigan apples, baked until golden brown and dusted with powdered sugar. Available everyday.

Call to reserve your Rosh Hashanah specials. 734-761-2095.

Rosh Hashanah Menu at Zingerman’s Deli

Erev Rosh Hashanah is tomorrow, September 24.

Let the Deli do the cooking this year! Our Rosh Hashanah Menu includes a delicious selection of traditional favorites including Challahs, Honeycake and sweet pastries from the Bakehouse, Noodle Kugel, Chopped Liver, Potato Knishes, Matzo Balls, Jewish Chicken Broth, Free-Range Hanois Hens, Roast Beef Brisket and much more! Serve a holiday feast that your guests will never forget! Call to order 734-663-3400.
Rosh Hashanah Menu items available for pick-up or delivery starting Wed., Sept. 24th at noon.

New Buyers Guide and Holiday Staff Positions at Zingerman’s Mail Order

The big news around Zingerman’s Mail Order is that our Fall Buyers Guide should be in homes any day now. The Guide has lots of new products and a bunch of in-depth articles about the fabulous foods! Check it out!

The other big news is that Zingerman’s Mail Order is hiring holiday staff! We’ve posted several positions on our Jobs site and we’re taking applications now! Apply today!

ZingTrain Speaker Series: Jeff Janssen

7 Leadership Lessons from Legendary Sports Coaches

John Beilein, Michigan Men’s Basketball Coach said “Jeff Janssen’s work with the Michigan Leadership Academy has been tremendous.” We agree! And we’re tremendously pleased to offer a session with Jeff Janssen this coming Thursday, September 25, 8am. If you are looking to build a Championship Culture in your business and help your team consistently perform to its full potential – this is the session for you!

In this session, Leadership Academy Director Jeff Janssen reveals the seven Leadership Lessons he has learned from consulting with 25 NCAA National Championship teams at top athletic departments including Michigan, Stanford, North Carolina, Arizona, Notre Dame, and many others. Jeff’s program is designed for for leaders who want to build a winning team – no matter from which walk of life, or what level of an organization!

Here are five quick questions with Jeff. 

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Intro to Cornman Farms Tour

Enjoy a fascinating introduction to Cornman Farms’ rich history, agricultural projects and humane raising of animals. We’ll even throw in a taste of one of our seasonal vegetables! Thursday, September 25, 6 pm.

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Cheese Mastery Class at Zingerman’s Creamery

Join Creamery managing partner Aubrey Thomason for the second class in a series exploring the foundations of cheese. In this session, Aubrey will discuss the wide and varied spectrum of cheese styles. The French say there are just five, while others claim as many as seven distinct cheese styles. Join us this Saturday, September 27, 1pm as we talk technical terms, taste examples of the various cheese styles, and generally learn as much as we can about the wonderful world of cheese.

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Next Week and beyond:

Intro to Cornman Farms Tour

Enjoy a fascinating introduction to Cornman Farms’ rich history, agricultural projects and humane raising of animals. We’ll even throw in a taste of one of our seasonal vegetables! Monday, September 29, 6 pm.

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 ZingTrain Speaker Series: Lee Meadows

Leveraging Diversity: An Ace Against the “Lull” 

Dr. Lee Meadows’ other name is “The Lull Doctor.” And for good reason! Dr. Meadows specializes in helping organizations large and small, for-profit and non-profit, public and private, escape the Lull. He defines the Lull as a Missed Opportunity and has literally written the book on how to recognize missed opportunities and turn any situation into an innovative and dynamic experience. His book, “Taking the Lull by the Horns” outlines a philosophy of situational leadership that any individual can emulate and any organization can encourage!

In his studies of what prevents the Lull, Dr. Meadows has come to firmly believe that the growing (and well documented) diversity of the workforce represents a strength that enhances the competitive edge of successful organizations. He will tell you that maximizing a team’s diverse talents is a leadership opportunity that is anchored in a specific set of actions common to successful 21st century organizations. Join us Wednesday, October 1, 8am at ZingTrain for this session!

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Vander Mill Cider Tasting at Zingerman’s Creamery

Michigan is fast becoming known for its great selection of delicious hard ciders, and Spring Lake’s Vander Mill is one of the best. Sourcing fresh apples from nearby Dietrich Orchards in Conklin, MI.,Vander Mill presses only the highest quality Michigan fruit into their award-winning hard and sweet cider. Each bushel of apples is hand-sorted, and washed. Vander Mill orginal Hard Apple, Blue Gold, and Totally Roasted ciders are never pasteurized and no preservatives are used. We’ll be sampling these terrific Michigan ciders on Friday, October 3, 6pm, along with pairings of great Creamery cheese. Get your cider on!

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See you soon!