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San Street Brings a Taste of Asia to the Farm

San Street Food

If you’ve spent any time at Ann Arbor’s Mark’s Carts in the past couple of years, you are no doubt aware of the incredible traditional Asian street fare served up by Ji Hye Kim at her San Street food cart. After years of great reviews from her guests, and a following of devoted fans that’s increasing with every meal, Ji Hye will bring her acclaimed food to Zingerman’s Cornman Farms for a very special dinner this coming Sunday, February 22, 7pm. 

Gau Bao

Gua Bao

San Street is a local food cart and a pop-up restaurant with an emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients and exceptional flavor. As Zingerman’s latest partner, Ji Hye is moving San Street toward establishing a permanent restaurant. In the meantime, you can get a sneak peek (or taste!) of what’s to come at this Cornman Farms dinner!

Beef sanjuk

Beef Sanjuk


Jeon + Kochi: Kimchi and pork pancakes (chive and pepper pancakes for vegans/vegetarians).
Beef and scallion skewers (rice cake and scallion skewers for vegans/vegetarians).

Gua Bao: Pork belly buns (Mushroom buns for vegetarians).

Tteokguk: Rice cake soup in rich beef bone broth (Budhist’s tteokguk with mushrooms for vegans and vegetarians)

Galbi Jjim: Slow braised beef short ribs and winter vegetables in soy garlic sauce. Served with purple rice and a trio of banchan (side dishes).  Braised tofu and winter vegetables for vegans and vegetarians (rice and banchan are vegetarian already).

Grapefruit Brûlée: Grapefruit, Meyer lemon and mandarin oranges, brûléed with palm sugar and brown sugar. Topped with spiced orange blossom whipped cream.

Cocktail:  Yuzu Soju with yuzu juice, yuzu marmalade and Soju, a popular Korean spirit.

Don’t miss this chance to enjoy an unforgettable night of great food and drinks.

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