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This Week at Zingerman’s 10/13/15

Ari models the new Commencement 2015 t-shirt

Creating a Creative Organization:
A breakfast with Zingerman’s Co-Founder Ari Weinzweig

Feeling a little flat some days? Looking to up your creative ante? Thinking about to how to move your crew closer to the creative edge?

How about starting your day with one of the more interesting and creative mornings you’ll have this year? Creativity is one of the key themes of Ari’s most recent book, Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 3; A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Managing Ourselves. Join us this morning, 730 – 9am at Zingerman’s Roadhouse, enjoy bit of breakfast and coffee, and Ari will get your morning moving in a very positive way!

Increased innovation and creativity are things that almost everyone in the world are after. Many people are very creative in their own work. And yet, few of us really understand what we can do to create the conditions that significantly increase the odds of creative activity taking place. During the course of the session, Ari will talk about what happens so often to inhibit creativity, and what we can to enhance it, both for ourselves and for our organizations. The more we tap our innate creativity, the more we enhance it organizationally, the more effectively we can operate, the more we increase our energy and the more rewarding our work will be!

Breakfast served at 7:30 am, Presentation begins at 8:00 am

Continental breakfast featuring Zingerman’s Bakehouse muffins, croissants, coffeecake, bagels, Zingerman’s Creamery cream cheese, fresh fruit, and Zingerman’s Coffee Company Roadhouse Joe.

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ZingTrain Speaker Series: Leading with Mojo with Marisa Smith

Marisa Smith, owner and founder of the Whole Brain Group, believes that a critical part of Leading with Mojo is attracting the employees, co-workers and customers you want to work with.

Three years ago, Marisa found herself quite done with all of the classic frustrations that come with growth. She finally decided that an important way to address these frustrations was to be intentional about who she worked with – be it employees, co-workers, or even customers! And she did. And now she’s here to tell you how you can.

JOIN us to learn how Marisa:

  • CRAFTED a vision of success
  • IMPLEMENTED a series of simple tools to make that vision a reality
  • DISCOVERED that she ended up with more flexibility, freedom, and revenue in the process!

We anticipate that this session will be chock full of a-ha moments for you!

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Brewing methods at Zingerman’s Coffee Company

On Sunday, October 18th, 1pm, learn the keys to successful coffee brewing using a wide variety of brewing methods from filter drip to syphon pot. This tasting session will explore a single coffee brewed 6 to 8 different ways, each producing a unique taste. A demonstration of the proper proportions and techniques for each method and a discussion of the merits and differences of each style will take place.

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Pawpaw Party with Neal Peterson at Zingerman’s Creamery

The Pawpaw tree bears fruit that is large, yellowish-green with a hint of brown. It contains many large brown seeds within the edible fruit pulp. When the Pawpaw trees flower, the fruit is first green and then begins to mature in September and lasts through October. Join us Tuesday, October 20th, 530pm, as we celebrate this tasty and unique fruit with a visit from Neal Peterson, a plant scientist who specializes in Pawpaws. We’ll start the evening off with a demonstration of how we use Pawpaw at the Creamery to create our one of our signature gelato flavors, then Neal will talk about this special American fruit. We’ll have samples of freshly made Pawpaw Gelato to taste during Neal’s presentation, and season permitting, fresh pawpaw fruit for tasting and for sale in our shop.

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Westside Farmers’ Market Fundraiser Dinner at Zingerman’s Roadhouse

Now in its 10th year, the Westside Farmers’ Market brings incredible, locally sourced food to Ann Arbor’s Westside every Thursday afternoon during the summer. Zingerman’s Roadhouse is proudly supporting the market with a celebratory fall harvest dinner featuring Westside Farmers’ Market vendors. The dinner is a fundraiser for three new Market outreach programs in 2016:

  • School to Market program in collaboration with Agrarian Adventure
  • Senior community transportation to the Market
  • Educational Market group tours

The vision for these programs is to increase market access and awareness throughout the Westside community while improving the Westside Farmers’ Market long-term sustainability. Your support will help make this vision become a reality.

James Beard award-winning Chef Alex Young has created a menu featuring the beautifully grown produce and sustainable raised meats from Westside’s vendors.The meal will also feature Laurentide wine pairings, one of our favorite vendors from Leelanau, Michigan. Please join us on Tuesday, October 20th, 7pm, as we enjoy the peak flavors of the season at this very special dinner!

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Manchesters United! at Zingerman’s Creamery

Join us Thursday, October, 22nd, 6pm, for this evening celebrating one of our flagship cheeses! Our Manchester cheese is one of the first aged cow’s milk cheese we started making at the Zingerman’s Creamery around 10 years ago! They are currently being made with the lush Jersey cow’s milk from the Van Buskirk family farm down in Carleton, Michigan. Join us as we taste through three ages of the Manchester as well as it’s sibling cheeses the Manistique and Washtenaw. In addition we’ll taste two sweet preparations, one that has been topped with Michigan tart cherries soaked in Riesling from Bower’s Harbor Winery; and one that we have sprinkled with a bit of demerara sugar and bruleed on top! We’ll have crusty bread, seasonal pickled veggies, and other palate cleansers on hand to pair up with the cheeses!

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9th Annual Halloween Hootenanny at Zingerman’s Deli

The Hootenanny is a fall-themed, Zingerman’s-style celebration for kids, a fun evening of Halloween treats and activities! There will be Pumpkin Drawing, Kooky Cookie Decorating, and more! Whether you’re meeting to share costumes and a play date or just stopping by on your way home from school, we invite you to stop by and play for a while! You’ll enjoy music and complimentary snacks as you participate at your own pace. We’ll have cider and donuts available for purchase.
Costumes are not required, but they are encouraged!
Tuesday, October 27th, 4-7pm.

On the Deli Patio
Tickets $5 per kid in advance/$8 per kid at the door
Parents are free!

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ZingTrain Speaker Series: Eleni Kelakos

Great leaders and great actors are remarkably alike. Both radiate a powerful, transformational presence. Both use their vocal, physical and energetic presence to move us to thought, feeling and action. Both strive not for perfection but for excellence. Both inspire us to follow them, believe them and trust them.

Here is one more thing that Eleni Kelakos believes that great leaders and actors have in common – they seek to achieve Presence Mastery, the art of being fully who they are wherever they are no matter who’s watching or what’s at stake. And they commit to taking regular, ritualized actions to achieve presence (and presentation) mastery, so they can speak and lead with the greatest impact.

In this interactive session, Eleni Kelakos will teach you how to achieve Presence Mastery using acting methodologies honed from her experience as a professional actor in New York and Hollywood.

Join us on Wednesday, October 28th, 8-930am to learn:

  • The 5 Principles of Transformational Presence– the building blocks of presence, presentation and performance mastery
  • A simple, actor-based methodology to identify and develop your “Type” or Personal Leadership Brand
  • Techniques to minimize the Lies That Bind you so you can lead with confidence and courage in pressurized scenarios
  • The 10-minute Daily Presence Practice
  • The Waiting in the Wings Warmup for optimum presence and performance
  • The Final Four Questions, for ongoing development of your leadership presence and presentation excellence
    If you are committed to achieving mastery as a conscious communicator and leader-this speaker series session is for you!

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See you soon!