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This Week at Zingerman’s 1/12/16

January Events at Zingerman’s

city goat

Going Goat’s Cheese at Zingerman’s Creamery

Dive in to the delicious world of goat’s milk and the diversity of textures and flavors that can be found in the cheeses we’re making with it. Join us Thursday, January 21st, 6pm, as we taste some of our favorite goat’s milk cheeses, including the Creamery’s own Detroit St. Brick and Aged Chelsea, served with sweet and savory pairings, and take an idyllic photo tour of the goat barn and milking parlor at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms!

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Brewing Methods at Zingerman’s Coffee Company

Join us on Sunday, January 24th, 1pm, and learn the keys to successful coffee brewing using a wide variety of brewing methods from filter drip to syphon pot. This tasting session will explore a single coffee brewed 6 to 8 different ways, each producing a unique taste. A demonstration of the proper proportions and techniques for each method and a discussion of the merits and differences of each style will take place.

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11th Annual African American Foodways Dinner at Zingerman’s Roadhouse

“In Search of Giants: a bit of theater, good food and an exploration of the history of the Abolition Movement in Michigan.”

Join us Tuesday, January 26th, 7pm, as Dr. Von H. Washington (theater professional for more than thirty years) and Ali Garrison (mezzo-soprano, direct descendant of Dr. Nathan Thomas, and employee from Zingerman’s early years) present a dramatic scene written especially for Zingerman’s 11th Annual African American Foodways Dinner.
This theatrical reading will be based on their research for Dr. Washington’s play, “In Search of Giants,” which is coming to Ann Arbor on Thursday, January 28th at the Arthur Miller Theatre on the University of Michigan’s North Campus. Washington and Garrison play two Abolitionists, Henry Bibb and Pamela Thomas, meeting in January 1845 at the Underground Railroad Station in Schoolcraft, Michigan for a kitchen table conversation about food, freedom and human interaction.

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Balsamic Vinegar Tasting at Zingerman’s Deli

Working near the historic square in the center of Castelvetro, an old Italian town southwest of Modena, La Vecchia Dispensa founders Roberta Pelloni and her husband Marino Tintori make a variety of exceptional vinegars. Quite simply, these are some of the best balsamics we’ve ever tasted. So good in fact, that we’ve partnered with La Vecchia Dispensa to make our Zingerman’s private label balsamic vinegars. On Wednesday, January 27th, 630pm, their son Simone Tintori will join us to share the history and flavor of his family’s balsamic vinegars. Don’t miss this chance to talk with one of the artisans responsible for this lovely vinegar.

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Blue Cheese Dreams at Zingerman’s Creamery

Creamy, crumbly, and slightly funky, blue cheese can seem intimidating, but our cheesemongers are here to serve as your guide into this flavorful world. Join us on Thursday, January 28th, 6pm, as we taste our way through the classic styles of blue from around the globe as well as from here in the States, accompanied by our favorite serving suggestions. Come prepared to learn all about these fascinating cheeses and the folks who make them.

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