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This Week at Zingerman’s 2/16/16

February Events at Zingerman’s

Classic Cocktails

Classic Cocktails from the Prohibition Era at Zingerman’s Roadhouse

In 1919, the US government passed the 18th Amendment, clearing the way for 13 years of the folly that was Prohibition. During this time, manufacturing and the sale of alcohol was made illegal, driving alcohol consumption underground. Millions of people in small towns and big cities alike imbibed at secret bars and taverns called speakeasies. Bartenders, working with limited resources to alcohol, began an era that resulted in some of the most creative cocktails the industry has ever seen.
Roadhouse bartender and cocktail historian Alibeth Vandergrift has chosen several of the most popular Prohibition era cocktails to pair with a 1920s style menu created by Chef Alex, featuring some of the times most popular foods. On Tuesday, February 16th, 7pm, the Roadhouse will turn our dining room into a vintage speakeasy, transporting the guests back to the 1920s.

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Chocolate & Cheese at Zingerman’s Creamery

A night of specially-selected cheese and chocolate pairings with Cheese Monger Tessie from Zingerman’s Creamery and special guest Allison Schraf from Zingermans Candy Manufactory. We’ll bring the best of both sweet and savory worlds together for a full-flavored event of a lifetime. With cheeses ranging from hard, nutty goudas to buttery soft, mold-ripened favorites, we are also featuring hand-crafted Zingerman’s chocolates made right here in Ann Arbor. Thursday, February 18th, 6pm.
*Please note: This tasting will feature products that contain tree nuts and peanuts.

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Cheese Showdown – Old World vs. New World at Zingerman’s Creamery

On Thursday, February 25th, 6pm, cheesemonger Tessie will be gathering up some of the best offerings from our friends in the American artisan cheese community and putting them up against classic cheese selections from Europe! We’ll explore styles of brie, cheddar, lactic goat cheeses, cheddar, gruyere, and blue cheese, with representatives from both sides of the Atlantic in each style. We’ll choose a winner of each matchup and then vote which continent goes home with bragging rights!

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Cosmically Good Geisha Coffee at Zingerman’s Coffee Company

It’s Geisha coffee, a rare, wonderful and very limited selection of very special coffee beans from the highlands of Panama. It comes from Finca Santa Teresa smack in the center of the Panamanian isthmus. It’s grown at 4000 to 8000 feet.
We procured this extra special coffee from Finca Santa Teresa. Like our friends at Daterra Estate in Brazil, these guys are doing it right. They’re paying better salaries to the staff, providing free meals, free medical care, transport to and from work, training and education. Their use of natural resources is wise – recycling of water, waste material, etc. The farm has a school for the kids of the crew that work there.
If you do try it, you’re pretty likely to like it. Light, elegant, velvety. My warning is that if you try it you’ll probably want to drink it again and again. Your only salvation is that we only have 100 pounds and then we’re out.
Celebrate this special coffee on with us and pre-order yours!

This is no program with this event. Your ticket reserves one 0.25 lb bag of coffee in your name that can be picked up after 4pm on Friday, February 26th.

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Brewing Methods at Zingerman’s Coffee Company

Learn the keys to successful coffee brewing using a wide variety of brewing methods from filter drip to syphon pot. This tasting session on Sunday February 28th, 1pm, will explore a single coffee brewed 6 to 8 different ways, each producing a unique taste. A demonstration of the proper proportions and techniques for each method and a discussion of the merits and differences of each style will take place.

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March Events at Zingerman’s

Romantic Italian Rice at Zingerman’s Deli

Italians love their pasta, but it would be a mistake to stop there. They also love their rice. While it’s not as well known or cooked as regularly as pasta dishes, a creamy bowl of risotto is tough to beat. Stop by on Wednesday, March 2nd, 630pm, as Chef Wallo walks us through a risotto cooking demonstration. Along with the risotto, we will also sample a few other treats made with rice. Join us for a great evening that will have you wanting to cook more rice at home very soon.

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Mountain Cheeses That Make Us Melt! at Zingerman’s Creamery

Join us Thursday, March 2nd, 6pm, for a cozy evening of melted cheese! The ultimate in comfort food, melted cheese helps chase away the last chill of winter in anticipation of spring. At this special event, we’ll make two kinds of fondue, well as learn about and taste a traditional Swiss raclette. You’ll leave with a warm, happy belly, the recipes for our favorite fondues and raclette, and FIVE exciting ideas for putting a twist on the classic grilled cheese!

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Educational Tour: Welcome to Cornman Farms!

Our Welcome to Cornman Farms Tour is an exciting 90 minute introduction to the rich history, agricultural projects and humane raising of animals. Join us for a look at our vegetable and herb gardens, goat milking operation and historic restored Farmhouse and Barn—and enjoy a meet-and-greet with our visionary Managing Partner, Kieron Hales. We’ll even throw in a taste of one of our seasonal vegetables! Sunday, March 6th, 4pm. 

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Shout for Stout! at Zingerman’s Creamery

Come to the Creamery on Thursday, March 10th, 6pm, to explore the varied and delicious world of stout beers, paired up with our favorites cheeses to enhance their most flavorful characteristics – just in time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Stout-style beer originated in the British and Irish Isles and is now popular around the world in many distinct sub-categories, such as Irish (or dry), imperial, and oatmeal, to name just a few! We’ll sample different stout styles from some of our favorite Michigan breweries, served with specially selected cheese pairings from our shop. Sláinte!

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