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This Week at Zingerman’s 5/3/16

May Events at Zingerman’s

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Comparative Cupping at Zingerman’s Coffee Company

Sample coffees from the Africa, Central and South Americas, and the Asian Pacific. We will taste and evaluate these coffees using the techniques and tools used by professional tasters. This is an eye-opening introduction of the world of coffee. Sunday, May 1st, 1pm. 

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ZingTrain Speaker Series: Getting Positive

Sometimes facts are shocking. Here are two :

  1. Seventy percent of the global workforce is un-engaged
  2. Fifty-two percent of the management workforce is un-engaged.

These numbers verify an unspeakable truth. Conventional administrative thought does not lead to the design and leadership of effective organizations.

A central question of our time is this, how do we design and lead organizations in which people flourish and exceed expectations?

Join us on Wednesday, May 4, 8am, as Bob Quinn draws from his recent book, The Positive Organization, to help you to:

– STEP out of the conventional mode.
– DISCOVER how conventional organizations can turn themselves positive.
– FORMULATE plans to get positive in your organization!

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Cocktail Class: Cinco de Mayo at Cornman Farms

Last year on Cinco de Mayo, we gathered at the Farm to pay homage to Mexico’s indigenous spirit: tequila. This year on Friday, May 5th, 730pm, we’ll further explore tequila in cocktails, while also becoming acquainted with mezcal, tequila’s smokier, almost savory, cousin. These two liquors behave unlike any other spirit in the cocktail world: at once sweet, spicy, herbal, grassy, floral, and even a little salty. Tequila and mezcal produce cocktails with complexity and depth that’s hard to match with most other spirits. We’ll taste mezcal and tequila side-by-side, make (and then drink!) three cocktails that each highlight these agave-based liquors in a different way, discuss the history of these liquors and other cocktail-related stories, and enjoy really good farm-fresh food prepared by Cornman’s talented chef. Salud!

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Coloring Truffle Boxes for Mom at Zingerman’s Deli

Saturday & Sunday, May 7th & 8th, 10am.

Decorate a truffle box just for your Mom! Head upstairs in our Next Door coffee shop and we’ll have everything you need. When you’re done decorating your box, head downstairs and our chocolate elves will help you explore the special delicacies in our truffle case and pick the right ones for your Mom. Zingerman’s Deli has everything you need to make sure your Mom has a fabulous Mother’s Day!

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Cooking up Cajun at Zingerman’s Roadhouse

The Roadhouse welcomes back for the third year fisherman Jimmy Galle, owner of Gulfish, the source for the best and freshest seafood from the waters of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Delivering seafood around the country daily, Jimmy and his crews have a long-standing commitment to sourcing directly from day-boat fishermen, shrimpers and crabbers across the Gulf Coast, delivering directly to a restaurant’s kitchen door.

Jimmy is sending us the best the gulf has to offer and Chef Alex is excited to cook the classics of a traditional Cajun meal served down in Louisiana, focusing on the flavors of the fish and the rustic taste that is cajun cuisine. On Tuesday, May 17th, 7pm, we’ll be paying homage to Chef Paul Prudhomme, celebrity chef of New Orleans, who, sadly, passed away last year. He has been credited with popularizing cajun cuisine and was influential in the world of modern seasonal American cooking.

We can’t decide which course will be the most exciting to taste, but Alex’s Gumbo made with fresh-from-the-Gulf shrimp and oysters, along with pit-chicken and house-made andouille sausage, is definitely at the top of the list.

Seafood and Cajun lovers, this dinner is meant for you.

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See you soon!