Find Your Authenticity with Karissa Thacker at ZingTrain’s Speaker Series


What does “authenticity” even mean anymore? The word gets thrown around so much that it’s hard to tell. With her book The Art of Authenticity, workplace psychologist Karissa Thacker is trying to change all that. She believes authenticity is the key to being a more effective leader—and can even help you lead a more satisfying life.

Come find your authenticity this Wednesday, September 21. Thacker will be speaking as part of the ZingTrain Speaker Series: Season 7. She’ll break down the four key attributes of authentic leaders: self awareness, balanced processing, transparency, and having an internalized GPS system.

You’ll take away a deeper understanding of what authenticity means, specific practical actions you can take to become more authentic, and a free copy of The Art of Authenticity.

Karissa Thacker’s session will take place at ZingTrain Wednesday, September 21, 8:00 am – 9:30 am. Tickets are $50, students and non-profits $25 (use discount code: LUMOS). Purchase here. And don’t forget to check up the full (and very exciting) line up of speakers this season.