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Big Gelato News: Fall Flavors Are Here!


The leaves are turning, the air is cooling, and our fall gelato flavors have finally arrived! The Creamery hand crafts every small batch of the luscious stuff, and in addition to year-round varieties like Dark Chocolate and Burnt Sugar, for a limited time, you can also find seasonal favorites.

Here they all are:


Harvest Pumpkin
Fall without pumpkin? Ridiculous! Our Harvest Pumpkin gelato uses real pumpkin, which is slow cooked and flavored with our own special blend of spices. It’s like a freshly baked pumpkin pie without the crust. An absolute must for the season. Get it quick–it’s only available until Thanksgiving.


Imagine this on a warm slice of apple pie! Our Cinnamon gelato has a deep, complex flavor because we use the real stuff: genuine Korintje cinnamon from India. That makes every scoop spicy and robust.


Our Honey gelato sweetens up the season. We use pure Michigan honey to create this rich yet delicate flavor.


Paw Paw
Fans of this gelato wait for it all year. We get our paw paws from Marc Boone’s orchard just 9 miles west of our creamer–the fleshy fruit lends a deceptively intense tropical flavor. We’re so proud to be using this unsung hero of traditional Michigan fruits. Don’t miss it!


Paul’s Peppermint
This is made especially for all you peppermint lovers out there. We make it seriously minty with Hammond’s peppermint candies and the best mint oil we can find. Scoop it onto warm chocolatey desserts, or just enjoy it on it’s own. Available after Thanksgiving.


You’ve never had pistachio like this before. We make it deep and delicious with 100% Italian pistachios. It has slightly salty flavor, luxuriously creamy texture of this gelato is unmatched.

The Creamery is temporarily closed for renovations, but you can find our fall gelati at Zingerman’s Deli and Zingerman’s Coffee Company as well as Plum Market and area Busch’s stores.