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What’s All the Buzz About? Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee!


Our Cold Brewed Coffee is having a moment. It was recently featured in the New York Times, where it was described as “smooth, strong, full-bodied.” The same article deemed it perfect for drinking all year ’round, a big compliment for a beverage that most people associate with warm weather.

That’s some pretty good buzz, but as of this month, we’re taking it up a notch. Enter: Nitro Cold Brew. A fairly new phenomenon in the coffee industry, nitrogen infusion really transforms cold brew. The process, which pressurizes coffee under the gas, helps to expand body and texture, creating a smoother, creamier finish.

Zingerman’s Coffee Company Managing Partner Steve Mangigian is enthusiastic about the new offering. “I’m really excited about our nitro, because first of all, I believe that our cold brew is just delicious in and of itself, and the nitro only enhances its body and its texture, leaving a longer finish,” he says. “It’s bigger, it’s bolder—it’s like a Guinness stout. And that’s what I really like about it.”

Our Nitro Cold Brew pours just like a Guinness!

Our Nitro Cold Brew pours just like a Guinness!

While Steve has been interested in nitro for a while, it was an email from an Ann Arbor local that really got the project going. “He said he’d been playing with nitro for a while. He tested some out, and Zingerman’s cold brew worked the best,” explains Steve. A deal was struck, and now the Coffee Company has its very own shiny taps.

Steve admits that he’s not sure if nitro will remain a “thing”, but the initial response has been strong. “We’ve been sampling a lot, and it’s going well,” he says, pointing out that industry-wide, cold brew coffee in general has surpassed expectations, growing by over 300% in the past five years.


Is our Nitro Cold Brew worthy of the buzz? Come find out—we’ve got a sample for you.

Zingerman’s Coffee Company is located at 3723 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor. And if you’re not local, you can order our non-nitro cold brew (you know, the one the New York Times loves) online through Mail Order. It has a shelf-life of a year (without the use of artificial stabilizers), which is unprecedented in the industry.