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Thanksgiving Dinner To-Go

8 reasons Zingerman’s Delicatessen has the ready-made Thanksgiving dinner you’ll be thankful for

1. This Meal Gives Back
If you order the “complete feast”, a one-stop-shop holiday meal for 8 that includes everything from the stuffing to the pie, a portion of the proceeds goes to Food Gatherers, our local food bank. Food Gatherers has been on a mission to fight hunger in Washtenaw County since 1988. Feed your guests, and your neighbors in need, at the same time.

2. Helps You Enjoy Your Holiday
You’ll save time with no cooking and less clean up. Anything that cuts down your time in the kitchen while your guests are around is a good thing. Your friends and family came to see you– you don’t want to spend the whole time cooking. And you deserve to enjoy the day yourself, too. A happy host and happy guests is a win-win. Check out our 3 Tasty Tips For Hosting Thanksgiving Like A Boss.

3. Convenient For Your Busy Life
It couldn’t be easier to get your Thanksgiving dinner to-go. Order your meal online, in your pj’s even. Select your pick up day and time. When you’re ready to pick up, pull into our curbside parking space and we’ll bring your holiday meal out to your car, but chances are you’ll want to come in and grab yourself a reuben or a latte (you deserve it!). Home delivery is also an option in the immediate area.

4. Guaranteed Success
Reheating in your home oven is all that’s required to get a complete Thanksgiving dinner from your fridge to your dining table. It would be mighty hard for something to go wrong, but just in case, we’ve included detailed instructions and our phone number. You got this.

5. You’re Supporting Local
Did you know we are an independently owned and operated local business that employs more than 200 people in our community? It takes a village to create our Thanksgiving menu. There’s a real family atmosphere in the Deli kitchen when our staff are cooking dozens of meals together for turkey day. We also work with as many as 30 different Michigan growers and food artisans to make it happen. We’re cooking up Michigan cranberries and chestnuts, making stuffing from Zingerman’s Bakehouse bread and sourcing locally raised turkeys. Thank you for supporting local businesses!

6. Top Notch Turkey
For most, the turkey is the star of the show, so it should be terrific, right? We choose turkeys from Two Tracks Acres in Grass Lake, MI. They’re free-range, pastured birds that arrive to us fresh, never frozen. We’ve been using them for years and really look forward to their arrival.

7. Fresh & Flavorful Of Course
If you know Zingerman’s food, then you know that you really can taste the difference. Your entire Thanksgiving dinner will be prepared on site in the deli kitchen, completely made from scratch, start to finish. From making our own turkey stock for the gravy to peeling fresh potatoes to mash, no step is spared and nothing arrives pre-made or frozen.

8. Dessert Is Important To Us
What comes after Thanksgiving dinner is no afterthought in our book. Why end your masterpiece meal with a dessert that’s overly sweet or lacking flavor? Lucky for us, we have a partner in pie to call on, our friends at Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Their pies are made with traditional recipes, the best ingredients and all butter (no shortening) and organic flour crust.

Did we mention there’s free pie?! If you’re feeding a crowd, or you’re just really into pie like we are, you can buy four large pies and get one free for Thanksgiving week, only at Zingerman’s Delicatessen.

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