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Have You Had Your Confection Consultation?

Surrender to the Sweet Spell of Allison Schraf and Zingerman’s Candy Store I was thrilled to meet Candy Store manager Allison Schraf at Zingerman’s Coffee Company for some morning caffeine and a chat about what she’s been up to. Like so many Zingerman’s passionate food professionals, Allison’s career path began elsewhere. In her case, with […]

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Ari's Picks

Alemany Almond Turron from Catalunya

A confectionery homage to Catalan almonds at the Candy Store Before there were chocolate shops, and centuries before bonbons became a thing that anyone could even imagine, if you wanted to impress someone you were going to visit and you lived in Spain, you probably took them some turron. This terrific soft almond turron (the top […]

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