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Cabbage and Goose Fat Rétes at the Bakehouse

Super tasty, traditional Hungarian savory strudel served up May 5-7 Cabbage Rétes (the middle one pictured above) is a favorite Hungarian flavor we discovered during our time in Budapest ten or twelve years ago. The strudel’s filling has just a few ingredients—cabbage, goose fat, salt, and pepper—but lots of flavor. Why goose fat? Geese are […]

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Bakehouse, Food Artisans

For the Love of Goose Fat: We Practice This Forgotten Jewish Culinary Tradition All Year ‘Round

During the holidays, we read an interesting New York Times article from writer Jeffrey Yoskowitz titled “Goose: A Hanukkah Tradition”. In the piece, he talked about a forgotten tradition—the Chanukah goose: When Hanukkah fell on the Sabbath, Jewish families of means would host a feast with roast goose, latkes fried in its schmaltz and most […]

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