Wisconsin Cheese, Spirits, and Zingerman’s Chocolate

In anticipation of tonight’s Culinary Collaboration from Across the Lake event at the Zingerman’s Roadhouse, representatives from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and Death’s Door Spirits hosted a tasting at the Roadhouse yesterday.

Ari & Wisconsin Cheese reps set up

Attendees were presented with carefully selected parings of artisanal Wisconsin cheeses and several complimentary flavors of Zzang! Bars from Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory.  While this might seem surprising to some, it reflects an emerging trend in high-quality cheese pairings.

Wisconsin Milk Marketing’s Heather Engwall explains that historically, fine cheese was paired with wine (“there’s nothing wrong with that!”), and more recently, good beer. But lately, the taste interplay between good cheese and fine quality chocolate has gained recognition as delicious alternative to beverages.

But, good beverages deserve recognition as well, so the good folks at Death’s Door Spirits were on hand to offer (small!) samples of their Vodka, White Whisky, and Gin.  The distillers at Death’s Door emphasize handcrafted, small-batch grain spirits made from locally sourced quality ingredients.  The result is a smooth, clean-tasting spirit sure to enhance any cocktail.

Death's Door Spirits

Culinary Collaboration from Across the Lake tonight 7pm – 10pm at the Zingerman’s Roadhouse.  Seats are still available.  Please call 734.663.FOOD (3663) to make your reservation.