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Zingerman’s Gelato Update

Gelato with Peppalo Chocolates!

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We’ve teamed up with the folks at Peppalo Stone Ground Chocolate in Tecumseh, MI to bring you two new gelato flavors. Peppalo makes exceptionally tasty chocolate bars in very small batches, and their bars are unconched, which gives them a unique texture. Conching is a process that heats and rolls nearly finished chocolate in order to refine it, give it a homogenous texture, and allow for the making of creamy forms of chocolate. We find that unconched chocolate is just perfect for gelato, as it maintains a lovely texture when added.
We’ve debuted two brand-new flavors using Peppalo chocolate:

  • Stone-Ground & Smoked
    Our rich, Dark Chocolate Gelato base with smoked almonds & chunks of stone-ground, smoked Peppalo chocolate. We really like the way Peppalo’s smoked chocolate complements our in-house smoked almonds. The bitterness that the smoke adds to the chocolate bar is mellowed the sweet gelato we use to create an interesting balance between smoky and sweet.
  • Stone-Ground & Salted
    To make this gelato we start with our Roadhouse Vanilla, then add some caramel and chunks of stone-ground, salted chocolate from Peppalo. Something that makes our take on salted caramel unique is that the salt is supplied by the hand-made chocolate, which allows the sweet, rich caramel to play its counterpoint beautifully.

It’s Time for Summer Gelato Flavors!

Beat the heat with our refreshing summer gelato flavors, available June thru August!

  • Luciano’s Lemon Gelato
    A silky, sweet Summer tradition made from Zingerman’s Bakehouse lemon curd.
  • Macaroon Gelato*
    We make this rich, coconut delight with macaroons from Zingerman’s Bakehouse.
    * We’re pleased to announce that, since we love it so much, we’ll be making our Macaroon Gelato all year ‘round!
  • Ginger Gelato
    Sporting plenty of fresh AND candied Ginger, this gelato is a uniquely sweet and spicy treat.
  • Cherry Chocolate Chip Sorbet
    We use tart Michigan cherries and house-made chocolate chips to make this decadent sorbet.

Stop by the Zingerman’s Creamery for a taste!