This Week at Zingerman’s 7/16/13

WEEK OF 7/16/13

Summer Pies are back for a limited time at the Zingermans’s Bakehouse!
Delicious Peach and seasonal favorite Rhubarb made fresh at the Bakehouse! Don’t miss our scrumptious fresh fruit tarts either! Call us and reserve yours today! 734-761-2095.

Summer pies

Are you feeling the heat? Zingerman’s Next Door has a delicious way to cool off with their Drink of the Month, a classic: Iced Tea
But this is no ordinary glass! We use exclusive blends formulated by Rishi tea. Black, green and herbal infusion brews are available daily. And it’s brewed fresh throughout the day from real tea leaves. We don’t add sugar or sweeteners, but we have plenty on hand for those so inclined. And it’s also available packaged so you can brew at home.

Cupcakes are 20% off this month at Zingerman’s Bakehouse and Zingerman’s Deli!
These mini-cakes are a perfect summer-sized snack, and they come in seven great flavors:

  • Peanut butter cup: chocolate cake stuffed with chocolate ganache covered with peanut butter cream
  • Caribbean Cruise: coconut cake stuffed with fresh lime curd, covered in rum butter cream
  • Neato-politan: chocolate cake, stuffed with vanilla bean pastry cream, covered in fresh strawberry butter cream.
  • Hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Buttermilk cake with lemon butter cream
  • Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream
  • Buttermilk cake with honey butter cream


Cheese of the Month at the Zingerman’s Creamery is the delicious Great Lakes CheshireStop by for a taste today! Cheese of the Month also available at Zingerman’s Deli!

Great Lakes Cheshire

The giant Summer Sale is happening now at Zingerman’s Deli! Stop by and get amazing deals on olive oils, tinned fish, vinegar, sauces, preserves and more! Through July 31st.

Zingerman’s has Art For Sale! Hand-painted, one-of-a-kind posters that once hung in the Deli. Gently worn and ready to hang in your home or office.
Stop by the Deli patio and visit our special booth during Art Fair. Our booth will be open July 17-19, 10a – 8p,  and July 20, 10a – 6p. Own a piece of Deli history!

Deli art posters

Each Thursday, the Zingerman’s Roadhouse parking lot is filled with fresh produce, meat, baked goods and more! It’s the Westside Farmers’ Market and it happens every week, 3p-7p. San Street is there with their delicious Korean street food, and the WSFM accepts Food Assistance programs like SNAP, EBT, Bridge Card, and Food Stamps. We’re also dog friendly, so stop on by!


Zingerman’s Mail Order is featuring delicious Agrumato Lemon Oil this week at a great discount & flat rate shipping!
From Mail Order partner Mo Frechette:

“I keep imagining that if I went to heaven, I’d discover this to be the oil the angels put on their salads. Smooth and olive-y, with a lemoniness that tickles your nose like the bubbles of a fine champagne.

“This is not lemon flavored oil but the traditional pressing of olives and lemons together—the oil of the fruit married to the extra virgin oil of the olive in an ethereal combination. You can do most anything with Agrumato lemon oil you’d do with other oils and then some. It’s fantastic brushed on top of almost any just-broiled fresh fish.”

Check out their huge Summer Sale catalog too!

Fridays and Saturdays at the Zingerman’s Bakehouse also mean Special Bakes, limited-edition loaves available for just a weekend. This weekend it’s Cranberry Pecan! It’s Christmas in July! And we’ve got a special bake to tide you over until November. This is an addicting loaf with lots of toasty pecans and sweet tart dried cranberries. Delicious!
Don’t miss it! Special Bakes are also available at Zingerman’s Deli!

See you soon!