We Want to BAKE! With You!

New Cooking classes this year!

Over the years we’ve occasionally tapped into the skills and experience of our colleagues in the Zingerman’s Community and our friends in the food world at large to develop unique cooking classes at BAKE! This year we have a handful of special classes covering everything from traditional Korean cooking to a classic American Thanksgiving (which happens to be taught by a Brit!).

Pot Pie with Rodger BowserBlues-Pot-Pie
Meet seventeen year veteran, chef and managing partner of Zingerman’s Delicatessen, Rodger Bowser. He’ll lead you in making their famous chicken pot pie, including the aromatic filling and the flaky crust. Rodger will also demonstrate a fall-flavored green salad to compliment your pot pie. Head home after class and enjoy the comforting meal you created. Sharing optional.
­Oct ­3,­ 12:30p – 4:30p
Oct­ 3, ­5:30p – 9:30p

Korean Bossam with Ji Hye KimSan-Street-logo-with-Ninja
Meet the woman behind San Street, a blossoming Zingerman’s business bringing traditional Korean food to Ann Arbor, currently by way of food carts and pop ins. In this class you’ll make two types of kimchi—the traditional fermented cabbage dish and another more fresh and quick version. She’ll demonstrate the curing and roasting of pork belly and make ssamjang, the accompanying dip. This meal together is called bossam. Ji Hye will share her years of research with you including the history of kimchi, ssamjang and the importance of fermented food in Korean cuisine.
­Oct­ 16,­ 12:30p – 4:30p
­Oct­ 16,­ 5:30p – 9:30p

Thanksgiving Dinner With Kieron Halesturkey
Kieron Hales, Chef at Zingerman’s Roadhouse, has probably made more turkey, stuffing and gravy during his tenure at the Roadhouse than any of us will ever make in our entire lives! Come and learn from him how to do it up right!! Don’t be surprised by his British accent. He’s now a Yankee by choice! This class will be a combination of hands- on cooking, demonstration, tasting and lots of discussion. We’ll teach you to roast a turkey, discuss how to choose one and explore brining. Next we’ll make a stuffing, gravy (no lumps allowed) and a delicious side dish.
­Nov ­6,­ 12:30p – 4:30p
Nov ­6, ­5:30p – 9:30p

Roadhouse Classics with Alex Youngmacaroni-and-cheese-from-RH-mural
Learn to cook with Zingerman’s own James Beard Award-Winning Chef Alex Young. He’s ready to teach two Roadhouse favorites – Classic Mac ‘n Cheese and Ancho Beef Chili. You’ll learn how to make a classic and useful béchamel sauce, how to properly choose and cook pasta and how to think about creating variations of this basic recipe. Onto the chili, you’ll hear all about Alex’s adventure into cattle raising and how to develop depth of flavor in a dish like chili. You’ll receive a hero’s welcome from friends and family after this class.
Jan­ 16,­ 12:30p – 4:30p­­
­Jan ­16, ­5:30p – 9:30p 

A word from Amy Emberling, Zingerman’s Bakehouse partner:
Seven years ago when Frank and I started BAKE! we had no idea if anyone would come to a class. We didn’t write a business plan, or even “run the numbers.” We took a leap of faith and built a teaching bakery because we were inspired by the idea. We had a desire to connect with our customers in a new and different way. We wanted to share our baking knowledge in a fun and supportive atmosphere, so that people could bake successfully at home. Our idea blos- somed beyond our wildest expectations. Many of you come to class frequently (often with friends and family) and you’ve really advanced your baking knowledge and regularly bake at home. That was our number one objective and wow, it’s happening!

Many thanks for sharing your love of baking with us.