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Did Someone Say Pimento Cheese?

Pimento w bread

by Tracie Wolfe,  Zingerman’s Department for People

When I first started working at Zingerman’s 5-1/2 years ago, one of the first things I tasted was the Zingerman’s Creamery pimento cheese.  It was a life changing experience to say the least. I had never been a fan of pimentos and had been reluctant to try it, but now I can’t get enough of it. It’s not just the Creamery’s recipe either — the Zingerman’s Deli, Zingerman’s Roadhouse, and Zingerman’s Mail Order versions are just as great.

My favorite part of the cheese has to be the 1-year cheddar. What I love about the Creamery recipe is that there are big chunks of cheese — you can really sink your teeth into them, and it melts in your mouth.

Ok, so the Creamery recommends that the best way to serve their pimento cheese is to spread it over pretzel rolls made at the Zingerman’s Bakehouse.  Um, yes… is there another way? Well, there are but the pretzels are my favorite by far. I always get them sliced — they are the perfect bite size way to get the pimento cheese into your mouth. The saltiness of the soft pretzels makes such a unique combination of flavors in your mouth.

Is there any way that you shouldn’t eat pimento cheese? NO. The Roadhouse pimento mac n’ cheese, especially when it is extra caramelized, is like heaven on earth. I actually made this at home and was amazed at how great it came out when I’m not anywhere near a professional cook. I think it’s just so good that you can’t do wrong by it! What else goes with Pimento cheese EVERYTHING. I put it on scrambled eggs, on a bagel, on a burger, on a hot dog… seriously, you can put it on anything. I venture to guess that it would even taste good on chocolate — ha!

Ok, so let’s be honest, all I really need to pair it with is a spoon and I’d be a very happy girl. Thank you Zingerman’s for this amazing, mind-blowing, scrumptious and life-changing recipe!