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This Week at Zingerman’s 1/27/15

Dr. Betty Brown-Chappell

10th Annual African American Foodways Dinner

Strawberry Lessons and Blueberry Blessings featuring author Betty Brown-Chappell.

Betty Brown-Chappell, author of Open Secrets: A Poor Person’s Life in High Education, comes to the Zingerman’s Roadhouse for our 10th Annual African American Foodways Dinner. Betty’s engaging memoir of her experiences during some of America’s most tumultuous times chronicles her progression into higher education, as well as her passion for food and her experiences as a child farmer. This year’s dinner will take place on Wednesday, January 28, at 7pm. 

As migrants from Texas and Kentucky, Betty’s parents brought with them many recipes from that region, including fruit preserves, biscuits, greens with ham hocks, corn pudding and fruit cobblers. Chef Alex has created a menu for this year’s dinner inspired by the meals prepared by Betty’s parents during her childhood in South Haven, Michigan. Join us as Betty shares her stories and memories of these traditional dishes and the farm, as well as the lessons and experiences from her life.

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Home Espresso Class at Zingerman’s Coffee Company

Get the most out of your home espresso machine. On Sunday, Febuary 1st, 1pm, Learn more about what goes into making a cafe quality espresso. We will start with an overview of the “4 Ms” of making espresso, followed by tasting, demonstrations and some hands-on practice. We will also cover some machine maintenance basics as time allows. This is a very interactive workshop and seating is limited to six people.

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1st Sunday Creamery Tour

Join our cheese and gelato makers on Sunday, February 1st, 2pm, for an hour long adventure to learn how we transform local milk into delicious cheese and gelato. On this tour, you will observe Mozzarella stretching, as well as experience truly fresh gelato, as well as taste some of our cow’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses while hearing directly from the makers how they are made. After the tour, make time for tasting our selection of American cheeses and provisions, as well as house made gelatos and sorbets in our cheese shop.

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Sundae Sundays at Zingermans Creamery

You deserve a treat! Stop by the Creamery for Sundae Sundays! Build your own single scoop gelato Sundae with up to 3 delicious toppings for just $5 (upgrade to a double scoop, add $2). Our amazing toppings include Dulce de Leche, Coop’s Hot Fudge, Hand-chipped chocolate chips, roasted peanuts, roasted pecans, cherries and other fruit toppings, Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory Peanut Brittle, Zzang bars, and much more! Every Sunday in January and February!

Brews, Brats, & The Brinery at Zingerman’s Creamery

Local fermented vegetable luminaries The Brinery make some of the best sauerkraut and pickles around! Paired up with the fresh sausage offerings from Detroit’s own Corridor Sausage Co, we’ll heat up a frosty winter night with amazing sauerkraut, good brews, and tasty brats. Stop by the Creamery on Friday, February 6th, 6pm, for toasty night of belly-warming savory treats!

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Mastering Mozzarella at Zingerman’s Creamery

Come and learn the secret to making terrific fresh mozzarella from the experts! Stop by the Creamery on Saturday, February 7, at 2pm, and we’ll show you the ins and outs of making this simple, yet delicious cheese. You’ll learn how to pull balls of fresh mozzarella from curd, stretch string cheese, and create rich, creamy burrata. Perfect on pizza, super on a salad, or amazing on its own, this versatile cheese is as much to make as it is to eat. Adults and children over 12 are welcome. Don’t miss it!

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Comparative Cupping at Zingerman’s Coffee Company

Sample coffees from the Africa, Central and South Americas, and the Asian Pacific. We will taste and evaluate these coffees using the techniques and tools used by professional tasters. This is an eye-opening tour of the world of coffee. Sunday, February 8th, 1pm. 

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Secret Winter Garden Dinner at Cornman Farms

You might never guess it, but in the depths of winter, we’re growing great things at Cornman Farms! Our hoophouse and greenhouse foster an almost magical array of plants, including microgreens, radish shoots, corn shoots, and sunflower shoots, plus the best spinach and kale you’ll ever taste. On Sunday, February 8th, 4pm, we’ll be featuring these incredible greens for our fourth Farm-to-Fork dinner, complemented with salt-cured whitefish, venison and pork belly, and accompanied by sauerkraut and winter-dug Jerusalem artichokes. Prior to dinner, we’ll hold an optional, interactive presentation with Mark Baerwolf, our Produce Manager, and throw in a warm winter cocktail for your enjoyment. Don’t miss this in-depth look at Cornman Farms’ secret winter garden!

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Chocolate Gelato Tasting

Join Zingerman’s Creamery gelato-makers Josh and Guy on a Valentine’s Eve tasty tour of our lovely chocolate gelati offerings. We’ll will try some our all-time favorites like Rocky Ride (hand-made marshmallows & butter-roasted peanuts), Chocolate Turtle (Argentine Dulce de leche & butter-roasted pecans), as well as some newer, more adventurous flavors like Chocolate Balsamic Strawberry (strawberries in a piquant balsamic vinegar syrup) and Stoneground and Smoked (smoked chocolate chunks & toasted almonds). We’ll also provide a couple of unique adult beverages for those that wish to partake, and guests will see how our gelato is made on a tour of the production area with Josh and Guy. Friday, February 13th, 6pm. 

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Rum & Chocolate Valentine’s Cocktail Hour – Two Sessions!

There is no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with rum and chocolate! Come and find out what rum & chocolate have in common. We will taste three hand-selected rums and a special rum concoction, that pair deliciously with chocolate. The perfect complement to a dinner with your sweetheart. Friday, February 13th.

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