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April 30 in Ann Arbor: Three Cooks, Two Dinners, One Special Evening

NYT writer Eric Kim and award-winning author
Matt Rodbard come to Miss Kim's in Ann Arbor.

NYT writer Eric Kim and award-winning author
Matt Rodbard come to Miss Kim

On Tuesday, April 30, Ji Hye and the Miss Kim crew will be hosting a pair of nationally known food writers! Together, they will put together a marvelous meal that will almost certainly sell out! I figured I’d give you the heads up here before all the seats are gone!

Ji Hye Kim is, of course, the wonderfully talented, creative, award-winning, and culinarily skilled scholar-chef-managing partner at Miss Kim. For this one evening only, she’ll be joined by a couple of comparably creative cooks.

Matt Rodbard has quite the resume, including his most recent book, Koreaworld: A Cookbook. He’s won a wealth of awards, and has had articles in all the big names of 21st century American journalism: the New York TimesWall Street JournalFodor’sTravel + LeisureSaveurGQ, and Bon Appétit. As you might have extrapolated from that exceedingly impressive list, he has a passion for food and culture, and his knowledge is vast.

Eric Kim is prominently featured in the New York Times food section pretty much every month. He’s had pieces published in well-known publications like Bon AppétitFood & Wine, and The Best American Food Writing. His terrific debut cookbook, entitled Korean American: Food That Tastes Like Home, made the New York Times bestseller list instantly!

Each seating that evening will begin with a compelling conversation between Ji Hye and the two guest authors about the history and importance of traditional Korean cooking, both in Korea itself and then here in the U.S. After that you will get to eat a remarkable three-course meal inspired by some of the recipes in the books, but, of course, with the typical Miss Kim twist!

The best part of all? You get to take one or both books home when you buy a ticket! The dinner and a copy of Koreaworld (signed) will be $125. Add on a copy of Eric Kim’s awesome Korean American for an additional $25.

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