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Two Buck (Chocolate) Peanut Brittle from Zingerman’s Candy

$2 bags of chocolate-covered peanut brittle!

chocolate covered peanut brittle

Last year, O: The Oprah Magazine raved about our peanut brittle,

“This light, airy, crunchy confection, handmade in small batches, features all the deep butterscotch flavor of traditional brittle but none of the teeth-cracking stickiness.”

So, Charlie Frank at Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory just had to go one step beyond and smother it all in dark chocolate. It just made us all ask “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” Chocolate and nuts, smooth and crispy, sweet and salty. All are proven yins and yangs in the dessert world, yet to our knowledge no one has put them together in a single snack. Until now.

We start with Jumbo Runner peanuts toasted right in the sugar with butter, sea salt, and real vanilla. The sugar’s cooked long enough to have complex caramel flavors and to shatter and crunch when you munch it. It’s hand-pulled for maximum brittleness and crispiness. Then the peanut brittle is coated in our own blend of fabulous, luscious 62% dark chocolate.

This special offer ends soon! Pick up a bag at any Zingerman’s location. Come to think of it, grab a couple. You’re not going to want to stop after one!

January only!

chocolate covered peanut brittle 2