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Movies, Food, & Love: The Best Combination

Maddie Goes to the movies

Few things bring me more joy in life than food and movies. So when the two are paired together, I’m a pretty happy gal. With both the Academy Awards and Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’ve found my mind recently wandering back to famous Cosmic-Valentine-Alien-heartsromantic movie scenes. More specific to my food-centered self though, those iconic moments where the main characters fall in love around a meal or dish. Then I got to thinking, what better way to celebrate the best of movies, food, and love than to re-create these moments at home with products from our very own Zingerman’s Deli! So that’s what I decided to do. Here in no particular order are some of my all-time favorite romantic movie scenes and the iconic foods that go along with them.

The Lady and the Tramp

Who could possibly forget the famous spaghetti sharing moment from The Lady and the Tramp? Two dogs in love sharing a first kiss over a single piece of spaghetti—cinematic perfection. Fortunately for all of you pasta lovers out there, Zingerman’s Deli houses around thirty different types of pasta perfect for crafting your own pasta kiss. Looking to stick to the classic spaghetti? Try Italian varieties from Martelli or Rustichella. Want to mix it up with some organic whole grain pastas. Try Baia pasta from Oakland California for unique grains like durum wheat, spelt, and kamut. And you can’t forget the red sauce! The Il Mongetto line of sauces from Italy keep it simple with San Marzano tomato sauces flavored with mushroom, red chili, or anchovies while Mahjoub sauces from Tunisia bring a Mediterranean flare with sauces highlighted with capers, preserved lemon, and olives.

Pretty Woman

When I was a kid, Cinderella epitomized classic storybook romance. So it’s no surprise that Pretty Woman, essentially Cinderella adapted to modern day, remains one of my favorite corny romantic comedies today. The premise is simple enough. An LA call girl, played by Julia Roberts, ends up falling in love with a wealthy businessman, played by Richard Gere, who picks her up off of Hollywood Blvd his first night in town and transforms her into a worldly, proper lady. During there first night together at the Beverly Wilshire hotel, Gere sets the mood by having a gleaming bowl of strawberries sent to their room. Lucky for all you deli fans out there, Zingerman’s Next Door will be selling chocolate covered strawberries starting February 13 and running through February 15. Throw some chilled Champagne in the mix for the authentic Pretty Woman experience.


If I had to choose one movie that embodies Valentine’s Day, Chocolat starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche would take the cake, or the chocolate rather. In the movie, Juliette Binoche owns a quaint confiserie in a small town in the French countryside. After opening her shop, she is visited by a river gypsy, played by Johnny Depp, who docks in town for a few weeks. The result is a passionate romance fueled by Binoche’s stunning chocolate confections. While the classic heart shaped box of chocolate has its merits on Valentine’s Day, why not mix things up and create your own custom box of hand-crafted, locally made truffles all found at Zingerman’s Next Door. Like white chocolate? Try ‘The Lover,’ a white chocolate heart filled with a bright, citrusy passion fruit curd. Like it fruity? Try the ‘Pomegranate Ginger Dark Chocolate Truffle,’ brimming with pomegranate extract and fresh grated ginger. Love booze and chocolate paired together? Try the ‘Baby Bourbon,’ which combines milk chocolate with a single-grain bourbon whisky. No matter your preference, there is a truffle for everyone and the combinations are limitless.

Beauty and the Beast

Whenever I was asked the “what is your favorite Disney movie?” as a kid, Beauty and the Beast always ranked high on my list. Much of that love can be attributed to the famous song “Be Our Guest” during which Belle dines at the Beast’s castle for the first time. After being greeted by Lumiere the candlestick, Cogsworth the clock, and Mrs. Pots the teapot, Belle is presented with a feast of delectable French dishes including “beef ragu, cheese soufflé, pie and pudding a flambé”: a whimsical and worthy meal for any Valentine’s Day dinner. While Zingerman’s doesn’t make a beef ragu per se, don’t miss the barbecue pulled beef brisket (a favorite of Oprah Winfrey!) stewed in a sweet/spicy sauce. Or our winter exclusive red brick beef pot pie made with all-natural beef from Ernst farm in Washtenaw county wrapped up in a house made buttery crust. To create your own cheese soufflé at home, stop by the cheese counter for an endless array of gruyeres, cheddars, and bleus. And for dessert, don’t forget to visit Zingerman’s Next Door for handmade apple/lemon chess/pecan pies from Zingerman’s Bakehouse or some classic chocolate pudding (made in house).

When Harry Met Sally

I couldn’t compile a list of famous foodie movie scenes without mentioning the infamous deli scene from When Harry Met Sally. While sharing a lunch of corned beef and turkey sandwiches at Katz’s deli in New York, best friends Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal discuss the intricacies of relationships, specifically regarding the private moments in the bedroom. You have to watch the scene to grasp the full genius of the moment, but the real highlight of the scene for me is the backdrop of the deli with pickles and coleslaw on the table, kosher salamis hanging on the walls, and lots of hungry customers crowded together cafeteria style. The setting is comforting and familiar and serves as the perfect foil to such a seemingly silly conversation. To recreate this moment at home, stop by Zingerman’s retail for famed Sy Ginsberg corned beef/pastrami, sliced sandwich cheeses, house made Russian dressing and coleslaw, cucumbery or garlicky pickles, and traditional rye breads from Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Nothing says love, like big messy sandwiches in the comfort of your own home.

So for all of you lovers and movie-buffs out there, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and a Happy Oscar season. May it be filled with memorable moments, lots of laughs, and seriously delicious eats.

– Maddie