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March is for Maple Lovers

Maple Cocktail class at cornman farms



The full moon tonight, March 5th, marks the beginning of what some Native American groups referred to as the “Sap Moon,” and for good reason! This is maple syrup season in Michigan! The freeze-thaw cycle of warmer temperatures during the day and colder temperatures at night causes the sap in sugar maple trees to “run” and those with the know-how will tap the trees, collect the sap, and boil it down into maple syrup. This delectable indigenous sweetener adds a robust richness and woodsy complexity to cocktails in a way no other sweetener can. On Friday, March 13th, 7pm, we will be exploring the use of maple syrup in cocktails. Often used in colonial-era libations, this flavorful sweetener is once again a rising star in bars all over the US.

We will be making three distinct cocktails, all of which incorporate maple syrup. We’ll start with the sweet and spicy Nor’easter, a concoction of rye whiskey, lime juice, maple syrup, and spicy Blenheim ginger ale. Next we’ll make a Maple-rita. A twist on the classic margarita, this brunch-friendly beverage uses tequila, maple syrup, lime and orange juices to brighten your day. Lastly, we’ll explore a broad category of drinks called the “smash”, during which each guest will choose between three options to customize their very own Maple Bourbon Smash: mint, blackberry or grapefruit. Throughout the evening we’ll discuss the history of maple syrup and the liquors used in these cocktails. Guests will enjoy making and then drinking all three cocktails while munching on delicious farm-fresh snacks prepared only moments before in the farmhouse kitchen, before leaving with a cup of coffee and recipes for the cocktails featured in this class. Join us to celebrate the sweet beginning of spring!


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