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Cinco de Mayo at Zingerman’s!

Twice the fun!

Zingerman’s is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with two tasty events next week that will bring a little bit of Mexican sunshine to the Mitten.

Cinco de Mayo platter

Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Class at Cornman Farms: Terrific Tequila

Tequila is a truly unique liquor distilled from the agave plant and made only in certain regions of Mexico. This spirit is at once sweet, peppery, grassy, and spicy. It can be smooth, dynamic, complex and invigorating. Tequila is the spirit of Mexico, literally and figuratively! Tequila is great in lively and refreshing cocktails and pairs well with complex, spicy foods in a way that most liquors simply can’t. On Tuesday, May 5, 7pm, we’ll explore this liquor that is both exotic and familiar to the American bar scene. We’ll learn about the history of tequila and different varieties of the liquor. We’ll make three distinct cocktails; each will highlight tequila in a different way. We’ll also enjoy farm-fresh snacks created by our own talented culinary team. Guests will end the evening with recipes and the know-how to craft these tasty tequila cocktails at home.

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Cinco de Mayo Dinner at Zingerman’s Roadhouse

Join the Roadhouse for a journey into the Mexican State of Campache. Located in the Yucatan Pennisula, Campeche has long been referred to as the lesser-known jewel of the peninsula, with its lush fish markets and intermingling of Spanish, Mayan and Mexican cultures.

Roadhouse Chef Bob Bennett, a longtime Roadie and student of Mexican culture, takes us on a stroll through the streets of Campeche with stories of Campechano culture, Mayan history and of course, food.


Calamares RellenosCinco de Mayo tacos
fried calamari stuffed with smoked sausage
Camarones en Chilimole
shrimp served with a charred chili sauce

Sopa de Lima
chicken and lime soup

Pompano en Verde
fresh-caught pompano served with a tomatillo and parsley sauce

Carne el Pastor
pineapple and chili marinated sliced pork loin

Chile TamuladoCinco de Mayo beans
Arroz Negro

Flan de Manzana del Anacardo
cashew apple custard

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See you soon!