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Grits, Grains, and Glenn

Glenn Roberts

In 1998, Glenn Roberts sold almost all his earthly possessions and went in search of heirloom varieties of corn, rice, and wheat. His mission: to grow, harvest and mill these antebellum varieties organically and restore them to a viable economic existence. And so he founded Anson Mills, and the culinary world was forever changed. Glenn’s attention to detail, his commitment to grow organically, and his determination to mill the grains as carefully as they’re grown attracted well-known chefs who began to use and promote his products. Today Glenn works with over 30 growers in six states to reproduce these heirloom grains.

On Tuesday, November 10, 7pm, Zingerman’s Roadhouse Chef Alex and Glenn will cook up a menu that reveals the subtle character of each grain and emphasizes the invaluable place that each has in the South.
Please join us for this rare visit by the man who Food Republic called “The Guy To Know For Heirloom Grains In America.”


  • Chestnut Flour Goat Cheese Ravioli with Sage and Lemon
  • A Flight of Grits: Gourd Seed, Flint and Dent
  • Poly-Crop Flour Biscuits with Benne Cream and Butter
  • Petite Rouge Peas (pre 1812) and Country Ham
  • Lamb “Osso Buco” Posole
    with green chiles, nixtimal corn and salsa rojo
  • New Crop Rice Grits Souffle with maple and Cream

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