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This Week at Zingerman’s 11/10/15

Glenn Roberts

Grits, Grains, and Glenn at Zingerman’s Roadhouse

In 1998, Glenn Roberts sold almost all his earthly possessions and went in search of heirloom varieties of corn, rice, and wheat. His mission: to grow, harvest and mill these antebellum varieties organically and restore them to a viable economic existence. And so he founded Anson Mills, and the culinary world was forever changed. Glenn’s attention to detail, his commitment to grow organically, and his determination to mill the grains as carefully as they’re grown attracted well-known chefs who began to use and promote his products. Today Glenn works with over 30 growers in six states to reproduce these heirloom grains.

Join us TONIGHT at 7pm, as Zingerman’s Roadhouse Chef Alex and Glenn cook up a menu that reveals the subtle character of each grain and emphasizes the invaluable place that each has in the South.
Please join us for this rare visit by the man who Food Republic called “The Guy To Know For Heirloom Grains In America.”


  • Chestnut Flour Goat Cheese Ravioli with Sage and Lemon
  • A Flight of Grits: Gourd Seed, Flint and Dent
  • Poly-Crop Flour Biscuits with Benne Cream and Butter
  • Petite Rouge Peas (pre 1812) and Country Ham
  • Lamb “Osso Buco” Posole
    with green chiles, nixtimal corn and salsa rojo
  • New Crop Rice Grits Souffle with maple and Cream

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Let us cook for you this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a busy time, and we want to make sure your feast is as delicious as it is relaxing. So we’ve put together a fine selection of holiday foods to help you do just that. Whether it’s just the bird or the full feast with all of the trimmings, Zingerman’s has all of your holiday meal needs covered.


Zingerman’s Mail Order is offering delicious heritage breed turkeys from Frank Reese and Bill Niman.
As Mo Frechette says, “There are a handful of farmers who, in the past twenty years, have been instrumental in changing the course of America’s foodways and this year we’re featuring two of them.” 

BN Ranch turkeys are currently available for pre-order. They’ll ship out frozen on Wednesday, November 18 to arrive by Friday, November 20 – plenty of time to thaw before the big holiday meal. Place your order today to ensure availability.
Zingerman’s Mail Order will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.


Zingerman’s Deli has created a very special Thanksgiving Takeout Menu using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, which means an incredibly flavorful holiday meal for your table. Chef Rodger has hand-selected turkeys from John and Nick Harnois Farm, which have been called the best-tasting birds in Washtenaw County. You can buy just the butter-basted, sage-rubbed bone-in turkey breast, or go for the whole meal. Check out our full Thanksgiving Takeout Menu and order your feast today!

Thanksgiving orders will be available for pickup beginning Tuesday, November 24th at 12 noon through Wednesday, November 25th. Place your order today to ensure availability.
Zingerman’s Deli will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.


Chef Alex at Zingerman’s Roadhouse serves up Thanksgiving Meals ToGo featuring succulent free-range birds with plenty of flavor. Our holiday menu is perfect for any sized gathering. We offer full feasts with all the trimmings scaled to feed 8-10 folks, a family of four, or a cozy meal for two. If Aunt Martha has the all of the sides covered, you can just buy a whole turkey, two breasts, or a single breast for smaller meals.

Thanksgiving Meals ToGo are available for pick up onTuesday, November 24th, Wednesday, November 25th, or Friday, November 27th. Please give 48 hours notice when ordering.
Zingerman’s Roadhouse and Roadshow will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving from Zingerman’s! 

ZingTrain Speaker Series: Tom Root

If you’re reading a description for an upcoming Speaker Series session, it’s pretty much a given that you understand why it’s important to constantly be learning, growing and improving – both as a person and as a business.

The idea of Continuous Improvement and the accompanying Lean Methodologies are well established in the world of manufacturing. But what if you could apply those same principles to everything in your life and work? What if someone gave you a recipe for improvement?

Join us on Wednesday, November 11th, 8-930am, for this game-changing Speaker Series session with Zingerman’s Lean Guru – Tom Root. Tom is the Managing Partner at Zingerman’s Mail Order and has applied these concepts to both obvious and unexpected facets of the Mail Order’s operations. He is now teaching the other Zingerman’s businesses to apply these concepts in their day-to-day work – from building a sandwich to creating a promotional poster!

COME to this session to :

FIGURE OUT where to begin your quest for constant improvement

HEAR ABOUT Zingerman’s recipe for improvement and our recipe for how to create a good recipe!

Be warned, you might never be able to look at your life the same way again!

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Crafting Creative Cocktails at Zingerman’s Events on 4th

Dave Rice, our sandwich line manager, has a passion for creating cocktails and he’s been doing it for years. Join us on Wednesday, November 11th, 630pm, for an evening with him as we explore, make and drink a few fun concoctions using out of the box ingredients from our retail shelves. You’ll leave excited to head home to your own bar and begin creating.

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Cocktail Class at Cornman Farms: Sensational Scotch

Complex. Smoky. Sophisticated. Scotch is all of these and much more. What’s it’s not is a popular cocktail ingredient, at least, not until now. While most scotch enthusiasts prefer their liquor neat or with a few cubes, some intrepid bartenders are starting to savor the smoky smoothness of scotch whiskey as a proper cocktail mixing ingredient. Scotch cocktails are popping up with greater frequency at bars in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Join us Friday, November 13th, 7pm, at the farm for a discussion of the history of scotch whiskey, both in its native Scotland and in America. Guests will craft three distinct scotch-based cocktails: a pre-Prohibition darling called the Mamie Taylor, a 1970s club classic known as the Godfather, and a new twist on a basic recipe created just for this evening, the Honey Do. Whether you are a scotch lover looking for a new way to enjoy the spirit, or a newcomer to the scene who’s not quite ready to drink this liquor on its own, this class is for you. You’ll enjoy delicious appetizers prepared by the talented chefs at Cornman Farms and leave with recipes for all the cocktails made during the class.

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Educational Tour: Welcome to Cornman Farms

Our Welcome to Cornman Farms Tour is an exciting 90 minute introduction to the rich history, agricultural projects and humane raising of animals. Join us for a look at our vegetable and herb gardens, goat milking operation and historic restored Farmhouse and Barn—and enjoy a meet-and-greet with our visionary Managing Partner, Kieron Hales. We’ll even throw in a taste of one of our seasonal vegetables!
Sunday, November 15th, 4pm. 

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See you soon!