Zingerman’s Mail Order Sells 34,000+ Cans of Tuna in 45 Days!

Lined up end to end, the cans would cover about 2 miles!

You may be thinking:

34,000 tins? It’s just tuna…

In your mind you’re imaging the stuff you buy from your big box grocery to make a really sad tuna salad you have to eat outside so as not to draw the ire of your coworkers. You couldn’t be further from what we’re talking about here.

Our tinned fish comes from all over the world. The most popular of which is Ortiz Bonito Tuna from Spain and was definitely the favorite this past Summer Sale. Tinned fish from Spain is a culinary experience on par with eating caviar straight from the jar. We’re happy to have turned so many customers on to the line-caught, albacore tuna which is hand-cleaned, olive oil packed that just gets better with age.

Last fall I went to visit Ortiz in Zumaia, the fishing town off the Bay of Biscay, and tasted through a dozen batches of tuna before I landed on this one, the juiciest and sweetest catch of last summer.

– Mo Frechette, Zingerman’s Mail Order Partner

Zingerman’s Mail Order Summer Sale typically starts in June. Customers are able to stock up on their favorite items, including Ortiz Bonito Tinned Fish, for about 6 weeks.