Cornman Farms

Cornman Farms Is One of the Best Garden Venues in the WORLD, According to Harper’s Bazaar

Photo by Nicole Haley Photography

Harper’s Bazaar recently tallied “The 22 Best Garden Wedding Venues in the World”, and we were so excited to see our very own Cornman Farms on the list! Showcasing outdoor spaces from Napa, California to London, writer Carrie Goldberg highlights the perks of exchanging nuptials at Zingerman’s farm in Dexter, Michigan:

Cornman Farms features a historic barn, farmhouse, gardens, animal quarters, and space for tents or lawn games. Watch chefs prepare and intimate farm-to-table feast dinner or host an al fresco evening in the garden.

When we asked Cornman’s managing partner and chef Kieron Hales what he thinks of the honor, he has this to say:

“I’m super excited that the four years of work on the grounds of the property has gotten to a stage where we can get nationally recognized and get put on a list with so many beautiful places, including our really good friends at Planterra. To be on a list with them is a real honor,” says Kieron, adding that he’s so proud of the staff who’ve worked so hard to improve the grounds, especially the crew that has put in painstaking efforts this year.

Want to know more about Cornman Farms? Check out the website for events, photo galleries, dining opportunities, stories from the farm and lots more!