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24 Carrot Cake from the Bakehouse

A whole lot of carrots and cream cheese frosting.

A whole lot of carrots and cream cheese frosting

The Bakehouse 24 Carrot Cake is impressively excellent. Being more of a savory treat fan, it had been a while since I held a plate with a whole slice of cake, but with this one, I tried a bite, smiled, and went back for more! If you need a cake for an upcoming birthday party, a Tuesday evening get-together, or a Sunday afternoon coffee klatch, an empathic act for someone experiencing a trying time, consider ordering one today.

Carrot Cake was once known as “Passion Cake”—with that in mind, we also do them as wedding cakes. What a wonderful way to mark a very special occasion. If you’re thinking of booking a wedding, check out Cornman Farms and Greyline for wedding sites soon, or reach out to the Roadhouse to book a room at the restaurant. We’re already reserving spots for next year! The Deli, Roadhouse, and Miss Kim would all love to talk about catering, bridal showers, or pre-wedding meals as well!

While empathy is a relatively recent idea, carrot “puddings” have a history going back to at least the 11th century in the Middle East, and then later, in England. The late food writer Molly O’Neill once wrote that George Washington was served a carrot tea cake at Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan on November 25, 1783, during what came to be known as “British Evacuation Day.” Carrot cake became particularly popular in Britain during WWII when homebakers needed alternatives to sugar, which was being rationed. It took off in the U.S. in the second half of the 20th century as a healthier dessert option. Today, in 2024, carrot cake is an American cake classic.

Here in the ZCoB, the Bakehouse crew says of the 24 Carrot Cake:

We grate nearly 30 pounds of carrots to make one batch of this cake. All those carrots add an incredible moistness and a fresh sweetness to this classic. Combine that with toasted walnuts, aromatic spices, and the complex flavor from freshly milled grains … you get a great cake that’s totally delicious on its own. Cover it with a generous amount of cream cheese frosting and it becomes irresistible.

It has a wonderful amount of our cream cheese frosting. Not too much. But as the great chef and food writer Edna Lewis once said, “No one has ever complained to me that there’s too much frosting on their carrot cake.” For an additional delight, drizzle with a bit of maple syrup or sorghum, or maybe add a dollop of whipped cream and some chopped spiced pecans.

Swing by the Bakehouse or the Deli to grab a slice soon! It goes great with that beautifully smooth coffee we’ve got on feature from Honduras that’s this month’s Roaster’s Pick from the Coffee Company (see below)!

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P.S. If you want to make the Bakehouse’s beautiful 24 Carrot Cake as cupcakes at home, the recipe is in the lovely new Celebrate Every Day.

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