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Baking Horror Stories: BAKE! Instructor Share Their Kitchen Mishaps

Baking can be challenging—even for professionals. Our BAKE! class instructors, who’ve helped countless bakers improve their skills with our hands-on baking classes over the years, were brave enough to share their baking mishaps with us. You’re not alone!

Read Carefully and Double Check
“I was trying a new recipe for a syrup based amish pie. Something went REALLY wrong! I think I added a leavener that was not supposed to be in there. When I put the pie in the oven, the filling started bubbling like lava and then foamed up and poured all over the bottom of my oven. It started a fire and the house was filled with smoke. It took me months to get my oven clean!” – Arie

Stay Focused
“I messed up many recipes as a young teenager because I loved to talk on the phone and bake at the same time! Yes, it’s a bad idea. It made me the master of leaving things out, putting ingredients in twice and sometimes only doubling half the ingredients in a recipe. Disaster! These days I rush too much…and then things are not disasters but aren’t quite perfect and the process isn’t so fun.” -Amy

Know Your Tools
“I broke a mercury thermometer in the sugar syrup for making Italian buttercream, before I had ANY IDEA what I was doing!” -Sara

Use Great Ingredients and Taste Before You Bake
“The night before Thanksgiving years ago, I was making a pumpkin pie. I made a crust from scratch and was very proud of it. I had to use an off brand pumpkin puree because the store was out of the good stuff. I had it all mixed up and poured it in the shell. Then I tasted the filling and found it DISGUSTING! I tried pouring it out of the shell, but made a mess. I was so mad I just tossed the whole thing, went to the store, and ended up buying a pre-made pie shell and filling.” -Nikki

It Takes Practice
“I once tried to make Cardinal Slice but I didn’t know what I was doing. My meringue wasn’t stiff enough, my ladyfingers were extremely sloppy as I did not know how to pipe them. The whole thing was a mess!” -Sue