Check Out What’s New on the Zingerman’s Deli Menu!

Zingerman's Ham Horn Sandwich

#58 Ham Horn

We like to keep it fresh at Zingerman’s Deli. Every year, we update the menu, adding new items and, yes, even saying goodbye to some items—we also like to freshen up the look to reflect the evolution of the work from our fantastic design staff. This year we have a few hellos and goodbyes we want you to know about along with some very exciting changes.

The New Stuff

We’ve added two delicious new sandwiches to the Deli menu, and we’re excited to say that both were created by some long-time Deli fans, including one who just happens to work here. The #79 Sparky’s Get Your Zing On is stacked with our corned beef, provolone, New Mexico green chiles, tomatoes, Ray’s yellow mustard and Russian dressing. We’ve also added one of our popular “Sandwiches of the Month”— #58 Ham Horn, peppered ham, peppered bacon, mayo, pimento cheese and Marcia’s Munchies Spicy Pickles on grilled Rustic Italian bread.

Deli Chef and co-owner Rodger Bowser is also very excited about the latest addition to our Monger’s Platters lineup: the new Fish Monger’s Platter. This seafaring delight features a chunk of smoked white fish and smoked salmon from Tracklements, plus a rotating selection from our tinned fish faves. It comes with lemon, capers and crusty bread.

#79 Sparky’s Get Your Zing On


Fish Monger’s Platter

New-and-Improved Greens

Rodgers also super psyched that we’ll now have our own Zingerman’s custom mixed greens blend. “For as long as I have worked here we have made our own mixed lettuces. Cut, wash, spin—all of it. I have never liked the pre-made ‘spring mixes’ coming in the bags since they tend to never hold up to real dressings,” he says. “We’ve started working with Chef’s Way Farm in Hillsdale, Michigan, which will be providing us with Certified USDA Organic mix of kales, lettuces, beet greens, and escarole.”

With Chef’s Way, we’ve finally found a farm that can produce fresh, delicious greens for us all year ‘round. It’s Rodger’s dream come true for this to be happening in Michigan, and he’s so happy that there’s finally a grower who can do it. These greens are a big flavor and nutrition upgrade, and they’re on all our salads.

Is It Really Goodbye?

Goodbyes are never easy, but sometimes we have to part ways—even with sandwiches we love—for various reasons. For instance, sometimes a sandwich uses a special ingredient that we don’t use on any other items, or it just doesn’t sell well. This time around, we bid farewell to #32 Big Al’s Saturday Night Special, which has been on the menu for decades; #57 Nic’s Opportunity, a.k.a. “the pizza sub”; #11 JJ’s Pastrami Special, which has been on the menu since we opened; and #7 Kelly’s Menage a Turkey. We don’t just up and nix items without a lot of deliberation, but we do know that when one delicious door closes, another opens.

That’s why we’ve also made the tough choices to say farewell to the Mediterranean Experience Platter, #446 Paprika Sunrise breakfast sandwich. Some kid’s items also stopped cutting the mustard, so there will be no more Roanola’s Bologna Baloo and Lil Leo’s Tea-wich. It turns out most kids want the Kids’ Hummus Plate and the Mile’s Math-Mozztician, which are definitely staying on the menu.

The last goodbye we’re is to the Manhattan Fish Platter. However, this is just a kinda-goodbye because of that new ish Monger’s Platter we just told you about!

Have any questions about the new menu? Come on into the Deli and ask away! Or drop us a line at [email protected].