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9 Road Trip Snacks from Zingerman’s Candy

Upgrade your road trip snacks with help from artisan candy makers.

A fun crew hitting the road with their road trip snacks

We believe road trip snacks are as critical as gas and a map, but we might be biased for obvious reasons. As you plan your next road trip, please remember: fueling yourself properly, whether you’re a passenger or pilot, is the key to a fun, entertaining drive. Candy, whether you choose chocolate, gummies or lollipops, is the perfect road trip snack thanks to its boost-giving properties, packability and the entertainment its deliciousness delivers.

We hate to pick favorites, but these are some of Zingerman’s Candy’s top recommended road trip snacks to fuel your next long haul drive.

    • Zingerman’s Peanuts, 3 ways
      Kick your snacking nuts game up a notch! Available in three sweetly spiced flavors – cinnamon, salt and pepper or sweet chili. Zingerman’s peanuts are a step above your run of the mill roasted and salted selections. Try them all – they’re on sale for 20% off through the end of August!
      Zingerman's Peanuts
    • Kolsvart Swedish Fish
      Chewy, fruity and fun, these Swedish Fish come from Sweden! And they’re gluten-free and vegan. They’re so popular we keep selling out! We think the elderflower is exceptional, but there’s also raspberry and sweet licorice + ginger. More flavors, including smoked black licorice for bold flavor seekers, are on their way!
      Kolsvart candy fish
    • Zingerman’s Candy Bars
      Try a Super Zzang, our foot long peanut caramel candy bar, for when the whole car needs a pick-me-up. Or one of our substantial, single-serve hand-made candy bars in a range of flavors from the raspberry marshmallow Wowza to the crispy Ca$hew Cow.

      zzang bars

    • Candy Kitten Gummies
      Swap the artificial kids candies for these fun kitty face-shaped gummies made with all-natural flavor and coloring. They have fruity flavors like tropical mango, blueberry bliss, sour watermelon and more. They’re vegan, too.
    • Barnier Lollipops
      A little car companion to slowly savor while you’re admiring the roadside scenery. Choose from snappy citrus flavors like lemon and citrus or rich salted caramel.
    • Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate
      If chocolate is your thing, there is just no substitute. You might need to store these in a cooler, but it will be worth it. Host an artisan chocolate tasting at the next rest area. Pass out a few squares of bean to bar chocolates from Askinosie, Goodnow Farms, and Ritual.askinosie chocolate orange
    • Eat Chic Oat Milk Latte Almond Butter Cups
      Going somewhere off the grid? Make sure you don’t have to go without your oat milk latte. Bring the comforts of home, reminiscent of Zingerman’s Coffee Company’s finest barista beverages, with you! Eat Chic oat milk latte almond butter cups come in a four-piece box perfect for sharing. They’re refined sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, organic and delish. Don’t miss them.
    • GemGem Ginger Candy
      Slow melting chewy candies with perky flavor will help you pass the driving time. We can’t pick which flavor we like best: oh oh orange, gimme more mango, zesty lemon, or the classic, ginger!
    • Zingerman’s Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
      When all else fails, go from zero to amazing in three beans. Hand-panned using freshly roasted coffee beans; specifically Espresso Blend #1 from Zingerman’s Coffee Company. Generously coated with the same 63% dark chocolate blend we use on our excellent handmade candy bars, these ovals of oomph are crunchy and indulgent.

There you have it! Nine excellent road trip snacks from Zingerman’s Candy – upgrade your snack stash by visiting Zingerman’s Candy’s online store to stock up on road trip snacks.

Stay safe, and stay sweet out there.