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Candy Store: An Insider’s Guide

You can live out your kid-in-a-candy-store fantasy everyday! 

Just head over to Zingerman’s Southside on Plaza Drive in Ann Arbor. In between the dairy air of Zingerman’s Creamery and the buzz of Zingerman’s Coffee Company, you’ll find the magic of Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory.

Open up the door to the little candy store with a big selection.
One that’s chock-full of chocolates and confections with brightly colored wrappers that are just as pretty as what you’ll find inside. And that’s all without taking your first bite!

Candy Store at Zingerman'sCandy Store at Zingerman's

This curated collection of sweets comes from around the globe and around the corner.
The best of what is out there in candyland, all in one place. There’s handmade, single varietal dark chocolate bars from Missouri, ginger candies from Indonesia, fruit geleés from France, hand-made chocolates from around the globe, and Swedish fish from… Sweden!

Be sure to check out the fresh candy bars made in house, with names like Zzang!®, What The Fudge!, and Peanut Butter Crush! The hand-pulled peanut brittle (with or without dark chocolate covering) and big fluffy marshmallows are also signature items. The cashew brittle is exclusive to the candy store at Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory. These are tough candy choices (if those words can even be said together), but the knowledgeable candy store staff is standing by to assist you.

Candy Store at Zingerman's Candy Store at Zingerman's

Through the looking glass, you’ll see the candy kitchen.
This is where the sugar is expertly cooked, the nuts are perfectly butter roasted, and the chocolate is skillfully tempered by the candy cooks. The best time to see the magic being made is between 11am and 2pm, Monday through Friday. If you’re lucky enough to spot some candy-cooking action, you’ll see it’s quite a workout and pretty mesmerizing to watch.

Zingerman's Candy Store

What might you see through the window, exclusively at the candy store?
Big slabs of candy bar centers being hand-cut into and sent through the chocolate enrober, a big curtain of liquid dark chocolate. Pouring and hand-stretching golden puddles of peanut brittle and cashew brittle. Kneading fudge on a marble slab until it’s silky smooth. Hand grinding the sesame seeds for halvah or fresh roasted cashews for cashew butter. Whipping up big fluffy mounds of scratch made vanilla bean or chocolate chunk marshmallows.

Surely by now you’re thinking you’d like to taste some of these creations…
Just like a kid in the chocolate factory, you can try as you go. Samples are available upon request, if they’re not already being presented to you at every turn. So don’t be shy. You can try before you buy!

Now it’s time to grab a shopping basket and go on a sweet spree of sorts.
Pick up something for that birthday, to share at the office, for the kiddos, for your secret stash. Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory is a go-to place to pick up gifts that are sure to delight. You can also grab some handy gift wrapping. Zingerman’s Candy logo totes are free with a $50 purchase or $3.99 each. Zingerman’s cartoon gift boxes are just $3.00 each. A one-stop shop for unique sweet gifts!

The Candy Manufactory uses lots of tasty peanuts and tree nuts in its creations, but if you are avoiding them, there are nut-free options:

  • Sesame Halvah
  • Chocolate Chunk or Vanilla Bean Marshmallows
  • A2 Caramel Crisp Treats
  • Peppermint Bark
  • Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
  • Wowza Candy Bars
  • What The Fudge? Candy Bars
  • Milk Chocolatey Karamel Krunch Bars (fall only)

They also work with a lot of chocolate, but if that’s not your thing, check out these fresh-made chocolate free treats:

  • A2 Caramel Crisp Treats
  • Vanilla Marshmallows
  • Drageéd Peanuts – Cinnamon, Salt & Pepper, or Sweet Chili
  • Coconut and Raspberry Marshmallow Bunny Tails (spring only)

Not to mention their amazing curated confection collection including lollipops, gummies, hard candies, toffee, ginger candy (and candied ginger!), craft chocolate bars, licorice and more!

Zingerman's Candy Store Zingerman's Candy Store

Can you keep a sweet secret? Take advantage of these insider deals:

  • Free Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory logo tote bag with $50 purchase
  • 10% off cases of candy
  • 15% off total purchase on your birthday
  • Sign up for the email newsletter and receive “secret codewords” for more freebies and discounts.

Now you’re in the know when it comes to the Candy Store at Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory in Ann Arbor. They’ve been making lives a little sweeter there since 2009, and they can do the same for you!