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Top Business Gifts

Are you sending thank you or holiday gifts to your top business clients and don’t know where to start? Are you tasked with this every year and looking for something new and different to send? You probably want to get this off your to-do list with ease and send a unique yet crowd pleasing gift that will stand out from the rest.
Top Business Gifts
Here are some tips on choosing business gifts from the experts at Zingerman’s Mail Order.
They have been sending gifts from Ann Arbor to Alaska and all across the country for more than two decades. A few points to consider and soon you’ll be well on your way to being a boss at giving business gifts.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Food

We think food is always the way to go. Everyone loves good food, and definitely brings more of a smile to the recipients than a personalized pen. Nothing livens up an average work day like the arrival of an unexpected breakfast or fun afternoon snack. When you choose hand-made artisan food, it has a way of conveying a deeper meaning.

“It connects us to home cooking and family, memories of grandma’s house and the smell of cookies baking in the oven…good food has a way of showing appreciation like nothing else.” says Spike Oliver, business gifts concierge at Zingerman’s Mail Order.

Meet The Recipient’s Needs

It’s always good to start with how many folks are in the office or business you’re sending to. You don’t want any fights breaking out over the last slice of coffee cake.

Top Business Gifts“In the past we’ve found people love individually wrapped treats, like our brownies and cookies, because they can be taken back to a desk, stored for later, and easily laid out in the break room.” says Brad Hedeman, product selector at Zingerman’s Mail Order.

If you know the people whom you’re gifting very well, perhaps you know their dietary restrictions and food allergies and you should avoid those things when making your choices. If you don’t know the recipients well, choosing food that is enjoyed by a wide ranging audience is always a good idea. You might opt to avoid spicy foods or foods with nuts for example, or include a variety so there are other options.

Make It Easy On Yourself

Give yourself a little gift in this process and find a gift giving partner who really understands your goal, your budget and offers a high level of service.

Top Business Gifts Zingerman's
Experience Zingerman’s Mail Order’s Concierge Level Service
A personal concierge means just one contact for you. They’re standing by to help you with making choices and collecting information throughout the process.

  • Managing Your Gift List For You Makes Your Job Easier
    we try to take as much of the burden of the data and order entry. I tell my concierge that our guests job is not “professional gift giver” that is a task on their to-do list.  We try to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible and take any format of gift lists!
  • Timely Giving Makes You Look Good
    Being able to pick an arrival date for your gifts is a huge bonus to those who want their well wishes to be well timed. Tell us when you want it to arrive and we’ll take it from there.
  • Customizing Leaves A Lasting Impression
    We can coordinate including any business swag you provide along with the food, at no extra cost! We have options to include your logo, from printing on the enclosed gift note to your branding on the wooden gift crate.

Top Business Gifts Zingerman's

Top Business Gifts

After sending thousands of gifts to happy recipients, foodies and Zingerman’s fans for more than two decades, what wins out as a most popular top business gifts?

Zingerman’s Mail Order business gifts start at $30.

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