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The Zingerman’s Food Tour to the Untamed Island of Sardinia

A guided week-long visit to one of the more exceptional places to eat and drink in all of Europe The week before last I wrote about some wonderful sardines we have from the folks at Fishwife (you can find them at the Deli and at the Roadhouse). This week, it’s Sardinia, the island, since I’ve got the […]

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Anchovies and Butter, or as they say in Italy, Acciughe e Burro

An appetizer for the ages In May, I traveled to Turin, Italy, to learn about the food and cooking of the Piedmont region, where I found a bunch of good things. Stay tuned for more. But one I can’t get out of my mind is the simple combination of anchovies and butter. Unsalted butter with top-notch […]

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Traveling with Zingerman’s Food Tours Is a DELICIOUS Way to See the World

We travel to see new places, experience new cultures, meet interesting people and, of course…eat. Since food is what we do best here, we started Zingerman’s Food Tours back in 1997 to share the places we love—near and far—and culinary adventures that even well practiced tourists have never even heard of. Since then, we’ve really […]

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