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Black is the New Black

Gold-Coast(2)The inside scoop on the latest trends in wedding cake designs from one of our passionate cake designers, Emily Grish.

Wedding cake trends, much like fashion, change by the season. Those trends tend to start in Europe and gradually make their way to us by the next wedding season. Knowing what’s to come gives us an edge because we’ll know what most couples will be looking and asking for. Since so many components of wedding planning are booked around one year in advance, “past and present” trends often blend in a single season. This year the trends couldn’t be more beautiful, or more different.

Last season, and into this one, we saw an influx of vintage and romantic styles that led to creations in soft colors adorned with ruffles and lace, large sugar flowers such as peonies and magnolias, and bows with brooches. Those soft colors started off mostly with pinks and ivories, but more and more gold was used as an accent color. This led to greater use of gold and other metallic tones as the main color. Using metallic colors is a continuing trend as it lends itself into the new “it” design schemes.

The biggest and boldest trend we’re seeing in cakes is the use of the color black. And not just as a decorative or accent color, we’re talking about black cakes. Gone is the fear that a dark wedding cake will look gothic or morbid; now it’s all about what you put with your black. Black makes other colors POP! They look more vibrant and more brilliant against a dark backdrop, even white shines brighter against a black cake. A modern style with gold or silver can show sleek sophistication. A black cake with soft- colored flowers has a romantic side; with brightly colored decorations, a fun and light-hearted side comes out.

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If this seems like too much, and you’re looking for a more charming appeal, a rustically iced butter cream cake can suit your needs. These cakes have come back into popularity over the past couple wedding seasons with the rise in barn or farm wed- dings. Whether they are accompanied with real flowers or sugar flowers, or standing on their own, rustically iced cakes are sweet and fresh, and perfect for a more natural look.

Another new trend stems from the Art Deco era, and more recently, from the recent Baz Luhrmann film Gatsby. Art Deco is known for its symmetrical style with bold, geometric shapes in rich colors. Put on a wedding cake, that makes a very sharp, unique de- sign. For a softer look, put a twist on it. Art Deco de- sign concepts created in all white, creams, metallic, or just lighter tones are absolutely stunning. They combine the boldness of geometric patterns with the romance of soft colors. Want to go all out Great Gatsby? Add the final new trend—feathers. Whether they are real, sugar, light and airy, or geometric, feathers are surely the new adornment.