10 Reasons to Take Advantage of Zingerman’s Catering BOGO Event


Photo by Nancy Eubanks

Every year, Zingerman’s Catering and Events treats our customers to an event that has office managers and meeting planners chomping at the bit: buy one catering order, get the second one (of equal or lesser value) half off in January and February. Yes, you read that right: Half. Off.

It’s not everyday you get to treat your guests or officemates to Zingerman’s out-of-this-world food, but imagine doing it twice in two months! You’d be a hero! A legend! You’d go down in the annals of history as the One Who Restored Collective Faith in the Multi Day Retreat!

If that isn’t enough, we’ve collected our top 10 reasons to take advantage of this once-a-year deal:


1. You get to try new things!
You may have tried our pastrami or our corned beef, but have you had our bacon wrapped dates? Our Piri Piri chicken? Hungarian Paprikash? This is your chance to branch out and try our lesser-known, equally-delicious fare.

2. You can revisit old favorites
With your second order half off, get those classic favorites you’ve been craving! There’s nothing better than the office’s Chatty Charlie falling into a trance-like state while he enjoys a classic #2, Zingerman’s Reuben.


3. Treat your staff!
Let’s be honest – 2016 was a doozy. Kick 2017 off with a bang by treating your staff during your goal setting sessions! I can’t think of a better reward than a Black Magic Brownie… maybe a Buenos Aires Brownie? Either way, they’ll know they’re appreciated.


4. Impress your clients!
There are two things that every Tree Town visitor needs to check off during their trip – see the Big House and eat at Zingerman’s! So skip the line and let us deliver the goods to your business meeting. Stack the (pitch) deck in your favor!

5. Saves you money!
There’s this cause-and-effect with “tasting the difference”: a sudden lightness in the wallet. Budgets are tight, but that shouldn’t translate into a blandly catered meal. This can get you out of the hot seat with your office accountant and into their good graces. Zingerman’s with a discount? Double-dynamite!


6. Have Zingerman’s catering for both corporate and social gatherings
We’ve been talking a lot about office or meeting meals, but hey, we don’t discriminate! ANY gathering needs food. Team dinner for your hockey-playing phenomenon and their squad… Dinner with your sister, brother-in-law, and five kids…Your temple knows you’ve got your ear to the streets when it comes to awesome eats. It’s your time to to impress! It’s going to feel really good when your spread is completely ready for guests, and you’ve got every hair in place looking like a modern Martha Stewart. Yaassss!

7. Can repeat as many times as you’d like!
There’s no limit to the amount of times you can use this deal! Two meals for you and your colleagues! Two meals for your non-profit board meetings! Two meals for your family get-togethers! It just has to be between January 1st and February 28th!


8. Warm up with hearty, comfort foods for winter!
Six (!!!) different types of pot pies. Four (!!!) different types of knishes (believe me, they are your new fave). Traditional lasagna, Italian meatballs, PrimoGrano casserole… let us warm you up! Winter is hard. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s wet. The last thing you want to do is schlep around grocery bags full of ingredients or pile trays into your car and hope they aren’t complete disasters when you arrive. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!


9. Provides extra incentive!
Want to have a staff, neighborhood, or school meeting with the best attendance ever?Just tell them that Zingerman’s is catering, and watch the RSVPs start rolling in. Everyone will be well-fed, happy and motivated. Plus, nobody will want to cut out early—because dessert.

10. This is a once-a-year opportunity!
We love our customers. We want to bring amazing food to all different types of occasions. This way we can see you twice… and the sooner the better! You’ve got 58 days to get in touch with us and receive some really awesome food to make the season a bit brighter and your load a bit lighter.

We can’t wait to hear from you and bring you a lil’ joy!

FINE PRINT: This offer cannot be combined with other discounts. This offer is only valid for orders from Zingerman’s Catering. Discount will not be applied to equipment rentals or service staff. Service fees for events will be based on non-discounted totals. Visit our Zingerman’s Catering website for menus and more info.