Hot Ticket: American Songster Dom Flemons Is Coming to The Ark January 16

He’s been called a “walking historical encyclopedia of early American music”, and here at Zingerman’s, we call him a friend. Dom Flemons is a Grammy Award winning musician lauded for his unique interpretations of a spectrum of  traditional American music forms, from Piedmont blues and country to ragtime and jug-band music. He’s also a producer, slam poet

Those who were lucky enough to get a seat a the sold-out 12th Annual African-American Foodways Dinner: Biscuits for Your Outside Man, on January 17 at Zingerman’s Roadhouse will be treated to a selection of music chosen by Dom.

“During the dinner at Zingerman’s Roadhouse, I will be presenting a variety of musical styles,” says Dom. “Like Southern food, music can express the many varied parts of life that connect us as a community. There will be low down blues and toe tappin’ banjo breakdowns! We’ll also celebrate the wonderful musicians who have worked with the Music Maker Relief Foundation! It’ll be a night of delight for the ears as well as the taste buds.”

And here’s some even more exciting news: Dom will be playing preforming at The Ark the night before, on Monday, January 16. We’re so excited! Tickets are still available and can be purchased here. You don’t want to miss this!

Take a listen, and we’ll see you there: