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Ride On Down, Round On Up! for League of Michigan Bicyclists This Month at the Deli

It’s National Bike Month and Commuter Challenge Month, and we’re celebrating with a fundraiser for the League of Michigan Bicyclists. All through May, you can donate to LMB by rounding up the dollar amount of your transaction at the Deli register. We also have donation boxes available.

LMB is an organization near and dear to Deli Co-Managing Partner Rodger Bowser’s heart. An avid cyclist, himself, Rodger (Grace Singleton, also a co-managing partner, is a cyclist, too!) is a dedicated supporter of LMB’s mission.  The non-profit organization promotes cycling and safety and works to improve conditions for cyclists on Michigan’s roadways.

“I want to bring a little more awareness to non-cyclists about bike safety,” says Rodger. “We wanted to capture May, the Commuter Month, and spring, when everyone is finding their bikes again now that it’s warmer, and bring the same energy.”

Ride On Down, Round On Up is a great way to bring your energy to cyclist education, too! Round up your bill. Drop a few coins or a few dollars in the boxes. You can also give online and read more about LMB’s work on their website.